Retired soldier's proposal at railway station touches onlookers

A man who just retired from the army couldn't wait to propose to his girlfriend, so he popped the question at the railway station as soon as he returned to his hometown. 

When preparing to propose to a girlfriend, many people would choose a romantic place as a way to ensure she says "yes."

However, a man who had just left the army couldn't wait to pop the question, so he did it at the railway station as soon as he returned to his hometown in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, People's Daily reported on Wednesday.

With his fellow comrades behind him, the man gradually approached his long-term girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers before whipping out the ring and getting down on one knee to propose to her.

His proposal not only touched his surprised girlfriend, but also many onlookers.

After the footage circulated online, many Chinese netizens expressed their best wishes to the couple. 

"You wait for me for two years and I will return to you for a lifetime," someone commented.

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