Man detained over Metro kicking

Police say offender was annoyed when a fellow passenger didn't give up his seat for an elderly man. 

A man who gave up his seat to an elderly man but then kicked a young passenger who hadn't made the offer, has been detained by police.

A video posted online on September 24 showed the incident on the Nanjing subway's Metro Line 3.

Subway police launched an investigation and contacted the person who posted the video, at the same time calling on the victim to come forward and asking passengers for information. 

On September 26, the man involved surrendered to police.

They said the 38-year-old man, surnamed Sun, had given up his seat but then kicked a 17-year-old, surnamed Fan, who was sitting beside him as he was unhappy that the young man hadn't offered. After other passengers intervened, Sun had apologized to Fan.

Sun was given a four-day administrative detention for "picking a quarrel and making trouble," police said.

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