Passengers rush to help woman give birth on train

Father names his newborn son in honor of the people who came to the aid of his wife when she went into premature labor.

Crew and passengers rushed to help when a woman went into premature labor on a train in Langfang, north China's Hebei Province, on October 28, The Beijing News reported.

Train staff arranged a bed for the mum-to-be and curtained off a temporary "delivery room."

A call for help broadcast throughout the train brought several people eager to help, including retired obstetrician Ge Liping.

Ge found the baby's head was stuck due to its position but her experience proved invaluable as she successfully helped delivered a boy. 

As the newborn had a heartbeat but didn't cry, another passenger, Cui Jinhuan, patted the baby's buttocks and Ge gave him CPR which finally helped him burst into full voice.

Train conductor Chen Chunwei called for an ambulance to wait at the nearest station and it took the new mom and baby to hospital.

Ji Junwei, father of the newborn, said he had named the baby Zhongsheng because of the number of people who helped him come into the world (In Chinese, "zhong" means many people while "sheng" means birth.)

He hoped his son would become a helpful person in the future just like the good Samaritans who helped the family on the train.

It was reported that the premature infant was still in an incubator at hospital while the mother has already returned home.

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