[Quick News] Shanghai taxis begin accepting foreign bank cards

Ke Jiayun
Taxis in Shanghai now can accept overseas credit cards for payment as the first 50 taxis from Dazhong Taxi which have been renovated with new payment devices hit local road.
Ke Jiayun
[Quick News] Shanghai taxis begin accepting foreign bank cards

Shanghai is leaping toward convenience in urban mobility: The city's iconic taxis are now welcoming the global community by accepting overseas bank cards. This move kicks off with the first 50 taxis from Dazhong Taxi, being first deployed at Hongqiao and Pudong airport areas.

This wave of upgrading will happen in phases, with city plans to expand this service to 1,000 taxis by the end of June and aims for a fleet of 2,000 by the time the 7th China International Import Expo opens its doors in November.

New Payments to be Accepted

Upgraded taxis will be equipped to accept a broad spectrum of major international card services, including VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover.

But the inclusivity doesn't end with international bank card payments. These taxis will feature multi-function POS machines compatible with UnionPay cards as well as popular mobile apps like WeChat Pay, Alipay, and even digital RMB payments. For those who prefer the simplicity of cash, the taxis are prepared with "change wallets," (Introducing "Change Wallets" & Smaller Bills at ATMs) ensuring that passengers always have the right amount for their fare.

Yang Guoping, head of Dazhong Transportation Group, highlighted the importance of these advancements by saying, "Taxis are often the first service that foreign business travelers and tourists come into contact with upon entering Shanghai, and improving the convenience of taxi payments is an important step toward enhancing their experience in the city."

Bank of China is Supporting this Initiative and More ...

This initiative is supported by the Bank of China's Shanghai branch, which has already installed over 6,000 POS machines across the city capable of accepting foreign cards. Additionally, they've established more than 140 foreign currency exchange sites and 16 self-service foreign currency exchange machines, further cementing Shanghai's commitment to becoming a truly global city.

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