Art & Culture

Calligraphy, cooking create a blend of artistic flavor

Spice up your kitchen shelves with hand-crafted jar labels with calligraphy that bring a splash of style and organization to your culinary space.
Art & Culture

Egyptian exhibition a sight to behold at Shanghai Museum

The "Civilization of Ancient Egypt" exhibition brings mummies, pharaohs and deities to life with a stunning collection of artifacts dating back thousands of years.

'Shanghai is welcoming, responsive, and inclusive'

Nat Madarang, president of Goodyear Asia Pacific, says the business environment in Shanghai is both responsive and inclusive.

Doctor saves the show after singer's fish bone encounter

Musical star Laurent Ban back in full voice after eating fish and getting a bone stuck in his throat which put the final night of "Mozart, the Rock Opera" in Shanghai in jeopardy.

American students depart with best wishes

The 190-member delegation of students and teachers from 14 high schools across the United States has departed Shanghai after their two week tour of China.

Chanel fashion exhibition showcases her legacy in Shanghai

Features a rare collection of Chanel jewelry, the exhibition not only highlights her contribution to fashion but also her enduring influence on the design and cultural landscapes.

How does Shanghai become ACG epicenter of China?

Step onto the downtown streets in this city and you'll find yourself immersed in the vibrant world of ACG culture.

Fans celebrate as BW2024 opens in Shanghai

Despite the rain, thousands flocked to the X-generation event at the National Convention & Exhibition Center to enjoy games, gadgets, anime, cosplay, and live performances.

US students bridge cultures with idol sharing in Shanghai

Zenya and Adam from Illinois have been learning Chinese for three years. They finally got the chance to travel to China and meet their counterparts in person.
Art & Culture

'Local lingo: Express yourself!' Episode 70: 前程似锦 (Qian Cheng Si Jin)

Sabrina, from Pakistan, introduces an idiom in Chinese during this graduation season, which means "Future shines bright."