Global design cities conference opens in Shanghai

The World Design Cities Conference 2023, hosted by the Shanghai government, has garnered significant support from UNESCO n and the National Committee of China for UNESCO

Shanghai becomes even more fashion forward with coming fashion week

The Spring/Summer 2024 edition of Shanghai Fashion Week is scheduled from October 8-16, with the opening show from the sustainable fashion brand ICICLE 之禾.

Join Arina to find out what's new about Model 3 of Tesla

Follow us as we try out the new Model 3 of Tesla and go over all the unique features and specifications of the car.

Curtain up as 'Frankenstein' returns with new cast

The Chinese adaptation of the popular stage play "Frankenstein" is making a return to the Shanghai Grand Theater this week.

China Time-honored Brands Expo brings classic brands with a new look

At this year's China Time-honored Brands Expo, people can expect classic brands with a modern look for the modern market.

Roche Diagnostics opens new technical innovation center

The 7,080-square-meter center, which is located in Jinqiao, was updated and renovated from Roche Diagnostics' training center, and consists of laboratories and classrooms.

Walk for life: 'Creating Hope Through Action' in Shanghai

In China 120,000 lives are lost to suicide yearly. That's one life every five minutes. Suicide lurks within our communities, workplaces, friendships and families. But there's hope.

Robots take center stage at China International Industrial Fair

These robots not only are capable of performing monotonous tasks on production lines, but also have potential applications in our daily lives. Join Joyce to check it out!

Artist revives wiry enamel with stunning creations

A young wire enamel artist in Minhang District shares the story of her artistic journey.

Philippine airport screening officer tries to swallow money in alleged theft

A screening officer at an airport in the Philippines put money into her mouth in an attempt to hide what she had allegedly stolen from the wallet of a Chinese passenger.