Zhang Wenzhou: I'm used to living alone

Nowadays, food delivery men play an important role in our daily lives with the fast development of take-away apps, but we don't often stop to think of their lives.

A fruitful day for Shanghai Mayor and his IBLAC friends

Members of the International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council put forward valuable advice and suggestions as Shanghai sets a goal to become a global city of excellence.

Temple celebrates move as hall shifts 30 meters north

Mahavira Hall, built around 1918, has been shifted 30.66 meters northward and lifted by 1.05 meters to alleviate safety concerns brought up by city watchdog.

Italian super-mom Sharon still misses the days she used to make bread in Shanghai...

Sharon has lived in New York and Milan, but it's Shanghai her kids call home. She used to bake them bread, but now that hundreds of bakeries have popped up, she doesn't need to.

Roundy found her way to China, even though digging her way here didn't quite work out

Five-year old Roundy wanted to dig a hole to China. After 55 years, the slightly older Roundy "square danced" in Shanghai and became "American Lei Feng" in her neighbourhood.

She's lived everywhere, but Jovita from Indonesia believes Shanghai is her second home

Shy Jovita was at first afraid of being filmed, but she made it in the end. In her interview, this loving Indonesian woman shares her big dreams, and her exciting past.

It took coming to China for Jeff to realize he looks a little like Bill Gates

Jeff has different idea about "shortages in Shanghai," allowing me to view "negative" things in a whole new light.

Smelly job that requires the skills of city's highly trained engineers

And the panelists are actually engineers at Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center.

Meet one of the dogs devoting their lives to keeping Shanghai safe

Shanghai has a number of police dogs working with police officers to protect the safety of the city every day and night. A Fu is one of them...

Chris, the man from America, and how he made friends without speaking a word

At first, Chris was sent here for job. But when his contract of three years was over, he chose to stay. Five years have passed since then, and he's still in Shanghai.