Around The Delta-SHINE News

Around The Delta

This section explores the Yangtze River Delta region in various aspects, including its economy, tourism and transport facilities.

Mosaic of China-SHINE News

Mosaic of China

Hosted by Shanghai resident Oscar Fuchs, Mosaic of China is a podcast that has been designed to be both informative and entertaining. Showcasing people in China from the worlds of business, the arts and science, every episode will provoke your curiosity and challenge your assumptions. When all of these stories and ideas are pieced together, they form a Mosaic of China.

What's On-SHINE News

What's On

This column compiles popular activities and events in Shanghai, so you don't have to! It covers exhibitons, concerts, drama performances and other fun activities. This useful guide will help you decide where to head when you have some spare time. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us at zhengqiong@shanghaidaily.com.

Popular Chinese Proverbs and Idioms-SHINE News

Popular Chinese Proverbs and Idioms

We say a lot about ourselves in the words we use to describe thoughts and behavior in various circumstances. Proverbs and idioms provide insight into social culture. This column introduces our readers to some of the most widely used colloquial sayings, both pithy and witty, that appear in Chinese daily conversation and writing. Many originate from centuries-old classic novels and poems; others spring from popular folklore. And some of them are very similar to common sayings in English.

The VIP Gallery-SHINE News

The VIP Gallery

Where the VIPs meet

Rural Vitalization-SHINE News

Rural Vitalization

China has made historic achievements in eradicating absolute poverty. Next, the country is to speed up rural vitalization with a shift of focus to work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Shine reporters traveled to some rural areas to witness the efforts being made to promote efficiency and quality in the agricultural sector, make rural areas more suitable places to live and work in, and improve farmers' livelihoods.

Multinationals in China-SHINE News

Multinationals in China

CEOs of multinationals in China gathered in Shanghai, comprehensively showcasing Shanghai's openness, advantages, and contributions.

2023 Two Sessions-SHINE News

2023 Two Sessions

The latest news, photos, videos, comments and topics about the annual sessions of National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), also known as Two Sessions or Lianghui, in 2023. This year's two sessions start on March 4.

Local Lingo-SHINE News

Local Lingo

Language is the road map of a culture. In this column, we will invite expats to introduce their favorite Chinese words, phrases, idioms, poems and more in a one-minute video. We hope this column will be a window through which you can better understand Chinese culture, mindset and wit. Have something to share? Please contact juliezhu@shanghaidaily.com.

Building an Innovation Hub-SHINE News

Building an Innovation Hub

The city will implement policies to support the national goal of becoming self-reliant in technology as it pursues its own plan to become a global science and technology hub.

Shanghai Select-SHINE News

Shanghai Select

Shanghai is on a brand-building campaign to enhance its profile globally. This ongoing series focuses on city industry and economic news related to the elevation of the city’s reputation in four target areas – services, manufacturing, shopping and culture.

In rare form-SHINE News

In rare form

Modern human life has encroached on the habitats of many wild animals. China is taking steps to prevent species from becoming extinct. What we call “endangered species” today once roamed the vast land of China like other more common species do today. What happened to them? What is happening to them? Will their population ever recover again? Shanghai Daily tries to answer the questions through a new column “In Rare Form.”

People-SHINE News


Everyone has a story to tell.

Explaining Shanghai-SHINE News

Explaining Shanghai

Shanghai is known as Modu, or the City of Enchantment. This video series aims to explore Shanghai's uniqueness and demystify some of its complexities.

The Oyster Pail-SHINE News

The Oyster Pail

'The Oyster Pail' is an expatriate's take on Shanghai life. Expect candid dialogue and sincere reflection, set to the backdrop of this unique city.

Livable, Lovable Shanghai -SHINE News

Livable, Lovable Shanghai

Shanghai is to enhance its "urban soft power" to match its ambition to become a metropolis with global influence by 2035. President Xi Jinping has described the city character as "inclusive, excellent, open and wise, magnificent and modest." This series illustrates how Shanghai is stepping up efforts in making itself more liveable for its residents.

Coronavirus Disease Pandemic-SHINE News

Coronavirus Disease Pandemic

On this page you can find the latest updates from SHINE regarding the current outbreak of new coronavirus.

Where Shanghai Meets the World-SHINE News

Where Shanghai Meets the World

Since January 8 when China's optimized COVID measures for inbound travelers were put into place, ports of entry in Shanghai have returned to their normal busy state. This series sheds light on the various entry points in the city, whether via sea, river, or land, where Shanghai meets the world.

A Tale of Two Countries-SHINE News

A Tale of Two Countries

For the past decades, China has established and restored diplomatic relations with more than 180 countries. There are touching stories, sweet moments and interesting people — past and present. Let's look into these tales of two countries.

Niche Shanghai-SHINE News

Niche Shanghai

With a super laidback guide, Niche Shanghai presents a robust and lively lifestyle with various fun events. From art, fashion, culture and leisure, Niche Shanghai explores the latest lifestyle trend and provides more options to add some spice to your life.

A City in Progress -SHINE News

A City in Progress

In the past five years, Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in various aspects, including economy, social governance, environment, rural vitalization and the improvement of people's lives. This series not only reviews the city's past accomplishments but also looks into its future development.

Shanghai Expression-SHINE News

Shanghai Expression

Shanghai is setting the stage as a people-friendly city. The props in this urban landscape include phone booths, signage, sculptures, outdoor benches and even litter bins.

Half the Sky-SHINE News

Half the Sky

Chairman Mao Zedong famously said that “women hold up half the sky” in a pronouncement on equality. International Women’s Day falls on March 8 amid a renewed global focus on the equal rights of women. This series talks to some of the women in Shanghai who are making their mark in what has been a man’s world.



The launch of the Star Market on the Shanghai Stock Exchange is seen as a major step in China's campaign to reform its capital markets and usher in the development of innovation in science and technology. The Nasdaq-style board is aimed at giving companies involved in cutting-edge science and technology greater access to funding.