Our City of Culture and Sport

Shanghai Library's east branch to use knowledge, experience and innovation to attract readers

It is expected to open in 2020 and greet readers with robots, books, performances, exhibitions, lectures and various interactive activities.
Living Cultural Heritage

Paper-cut art: from ancient times to modern technology

Paper-cut is an integral part of Chinese life and culture and expresses the moral principles, philosophies and aesthetic ideals of its exponents.
24 Solar Terms

Festive traditions mark Autumn Equinox

Qiufen marks the day when day and night are evenly split, osmanthus and chrysanthemums flowers start blossoming and hairy crabs enter its best days.


Young experts reflect on why China holds dear to them

A group of 30 scholars recently spent a month in Shanghai to learn about China. Three of them talk about the time they spent here and of their experiences and expectations.
Hangzhou City

Congee for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea

Congee is not only one of China’s most popular breakfast dishes but also a regular accompaniment to other side orders eaten throughout the day.
The VIP Gallery

Bank boss pledges more support for Shanghai initiatives

Shanghai Party Secretary Han Zheng met Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank President, Jin Liqun, on Wednesday
Ningbo City

Artisans work magic of restoration

A group of uniquely experienced but aging local artisans have been devoting their later years to the tasks of restoring ancient buildings in Ningbo’s Ninghai County.
Yangpu District

A cradle of innovation and modern industry

Yangpu is a place where you can not only smell the opportunities but feel the warmth of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Minhang District

Minhang adds 22 sites to Shanghai's cultural heritage list

The additions represent key places in the city's history and culture.
Songjiang District

Holidays trip? Enjoy life at home

The eight-day holiday including National Day and Mid-autumn Festival is coming, while Songjiang's Zuibai Pond Garden has prepared a great travel plan for the public.