Thai luxury makes a splash in Shanghai at Thai 10/10 event

The long-awaited lifestyle showcase landed in Shanghai on Friday. Attendees met a perfect 10 from Thailand at the THAI 10 LUXE Global Lifestyle showcase.
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The long-awaited lifestyle showcase landed in Shanghai on Friday. Attendees met a perfect 10 from Thailand at the THAI 10 LUXE Global Lifestyle showcase, which premiered for the first time in Shanghai.

Ten luxury brands from Thailand featured their products at an exclusive, celebrity-filled event at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Thai Brand heroes, including fashion, home accessories, furniture, and lifestyle products, showed off their latest designs and products for the discerning Chinese market.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Mrs. Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat, Director General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), and Miss Ranoppun Kapittai, the Deputy Consul General of the Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai.

Guests were joined by Xiao Hui Wang, recognized as one of the most influential Chinese artists in the world. She shared her insights on changing consumer tastes in China and the great opportunities for those seeking culturally distinct products to seek products from Thailand. Thailand offers quality and styling not often found in the Chinese market, and they are a step ahead in creativity over many European brands.

Peter Xu, one of the top connoisseurs and influencers in the Chinese luxury market, also shared his favorites from the show, and discussed his opinions on the unique designs presented at the event. Not only a refined luxury buyer, but also a talented videographer, fans can watch for his short feature videos, highlighting the best of the show.

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The event spanned the entire day, from 10am to 10pm, and included time for buyers, consumers, media and fans to attend. It wrapped up with a party at 7pm, that included the designers of all the featured brands, joined by top government officials from Thailand, both here and abroad.

The brands featured included ASAVA, a fashion brand led by Polpat Asavaprapha. Known for his work at Marc Jacobs and Max Mara, he brings inspiration to luxury and has built the ASAVA brand on the core mission of bringing the reinterpretations of classical timelessness to modern women thriving in a fast-paced world. When wearing ASAVA, beauty does not seek attention, it embraces grace and self-realization.

DEESAWAT is truly a brand where quality comes naturally. At Thai 10/10, they showed off their latest award-winning designs in Thai-styled high-quality teakwood furniture and presented a new “outdoor fun” style highlighting casual styles perfect for patios and rooftop gardens.

KENKOON dazzled the crowds with their unique teakwood furniture, “The Gaz Collection” both sophisticated and practical, but balance living, made extraordinary. Their styles are featured at upscale resorts and the finest five-star hotels worldwide. KENKOON brings a unique and sophisticated taste to outdoor furniture that goes beyond conventional.

MOBELLA featured their finely crafted furniture with designs that seamlessly blend comfort and practicality with a stunning creativity in design. MOBELLA’s signature design TIPIS ethnic style tent offers the meeting point between East and West of tribal craftsmanship and industrial techniques of upholstery manufacturing together.

ISPA inspired us with their finely crafted bath and shower products that are truly designed for eternal life, including uniquely sculpted nature-inspired tubs, modern accessories and other products built to enhance your bathing experience. ISPA’s designs embody function, technology, and quality materials, while retaining style.

PASAYA’s fine textiles adorned the furnishings throughout the exhibition. Their passion for life was evident in their bold styles and beautifully luxurious products. The stunning designs they displayed could bring pleasure to any living space or add passion to any room.

Creators of the crystal of modern Asia, LUCARIS brings world-class quality to lead-free crystal wine-ware. Guests enjoyed wines and other Thai-inspired beverages served in LUCARIS fine crystal glasses. Their exquisite designs proved that innovation is still possible in fine glassware, especially when only perfection will do.

FIVESIS LIFESTYLE showed a way to blend elements of nature and a sense of oriental culture into artistic masterpieces that can bring distinctive design to interior spaces. Their designs fused a strong sense of creativity with a real passion for craftsmanship.

PANPURI’s products were especially popular with those that care about their skin and beauty. They offer a range of natural and organic skincare, personal care, and home ambiance products. PANPURI’s mission is to bring clean beauty to all, and their products are a great way to empower your wellness journey. At the event they offered attendees facial massages to demonstrate how easily their products can be transformative and help maintain youth.

Guests enjoyed massages and were rejuvenated by spa products from SATIRA. Their attention to only use the finest herbs and organic raw materials was obvious to all and helped ease the tired muscles of many guests and VIPs. Their products aim to bring longevity to happiness while promoting well-being through the synergy of physical and mental harmony.

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The event was brought alive by special performances by musicians, fashion models, and one-on-one discussions with designers, as well as interviews. 

Thai 10/10 brought a true sense of sophisticated glitz to Shanghai, seamlessly merging Thai designs with Chinese culture. It was an event not to be missed and we’re already hearing rumors of a larger return event next year, featuring more brands and spanning more days.

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