World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which opens on September 17 in Shanghai, invites top executives from tech companies around the world to show how artificial intelligence “boosts economy and changes people’s life.” It’s a platform to showcase latest AI applications covering transport, finance, retail, health care, smart manufacturing, education and services industries.

AI outlook from business leaders

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference invited top executives from global tech companies to show how AI boosts economy and changes people's life.

WAIC exhibitions open to the public

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference ended yesterday after holding one main forum, 33 themed forums, five brain-storming discussions and 22 kick-off events. 

West Bund in Xuhui District to be powered by AI-featured urban management system

The new system to be used in Shanghai will boast AI technologies in facial recognition, motion capture and data-driven prediction, SenseTime, the system developer, says.

China in unique position in using AI to 'reshape finance industry'

China leads the world in several applications like mobile payment and e-commerce but the country still requires artificial intelligence to "reshape" the finance industry.

Shanghai moves to support research and develop professionals in science and technology

The city has natural science funds and young scientific and technological talent cultivation programs to nurture and encourage young minds to expand the development of AI.   

Internet giants bolstering AI capability to help retailers better tap consumers' shopping preferences

AI can help vendors and retailers achieve higher profit margin with the same floor space as it cuts down labor costs.

Old and new combine as AI solves big city healthcare woes

With artificial intelligence, to see a "doctor" can become easier, all without sacrificing accuracy.

Insurers resorting to use of big data and AI

Insurance firms adopting this path to mitigate growing risks to their operations from factors like anti-selection and insufficient information on policyholders.

AI-equipped self-driving cars a spotlight at WAIC

Artificial intelligence-equipped self-driving cars have purred into the spotlight during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference yesterday.

Leaders in the world of artificial intelligence gather in Shanghai

The WAIC opened today in Shanghai, with the heavyweights of the industry gathering to discuss AI's profound impact on the world economy, social progress and people's daily lives.