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Are some street signs more confusing than helpful?

SHANGHAI’S street signs are written with a combination of Chinese characters and pinyin romanization, with the Chinese characters on top and the romanized version below. Pinyin, which literally means ...

August 16, 2018, Thursday

Celebrating elevation of fitness as lifestyle

LAST week marked National Fitness Day (August 8), and Shanghai celebrated with a plethora of sport and exercise-themed activities across the city. According to an article published in Shanghai Daily, ...

August 15, 2018, Wednesday

Authorities must move to clean up social media

After reading Cao Xinyu’s “A hotbed of disinformation” (August 7, Shanghai Daily), I was saddened, but not really surprised, to see that ill-meaning trolls have invaded China’s online space, too. Why ...

August 15, 2018, Wednesday

Is Trump hurting long-term US growth?

PRESIDENT Donald Trump regularly thumps his chest and claims credit for each new uptick of the fast-growing US economy. But when it comes to economic performance, US presidents have considerably more ...

August 13, 2018, Monday

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder

WHAT does beauty mean to you? Depending on where you are from and the culture that you are immersed in, the standard for what is beautiful varies. As a Chinese American, I have been exposed to two cultures ...

August 10, 2018, Friday

Does charity ignore causes of global poverty?

IN an essay published last month in The Guardian, 15 leading economists — including the Nobel laureates Angus Deaton, James Heckman, and Joseph Stiglitz — criticized what they call “the ‘aid effectiveness’ ...

August 9, 2018, Thursday

Put FDI on G20 agenda for sustainable growth

WHILE much of the world’s attention is focused on the economic damage being wrought by US President Donald Trump’s trade wars, global trade’s twin — foreign direct investment — has largely been neglected. ...

August 8, 2018, Wednesday

Summing up risks of the Trump summits

US President Donald Trump’s summits with North Korean (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s) leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki are history, as is the ...

August 6, 2018, Monday

Focusing on inspiring communal stories to bring people together

JOAN Didion famously observed that, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Unfortunately, if you get your news about the United States from Facebook, Twitter, or cable TV networks, the stories ...

August 3, 2018, Friday

Unlocking private-sector funds for growth

FOR the last three years, dozens of countries have gathered each July to present their national plans to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the latest of these United Nations High-Level ...

August 2, 2018, Thursday


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