Yuhang's charms call out to winter travelers - Travel in China

Yuhang's charms call out to winter travelers

From classical tea culture, to food festivals and ancient ruins, Yuhang District in Hangzhou is filled with tourism richness this season.
Xiamen a paradise for tourists - Travel in China

Xiamen a paradise for tourists

Millions flock to "Egret Island" on holiday as the city in Fujian Province increases its efforts to become a destination with something for everyone. 
Fiona and Shirlene in Italy: Vlog #1 - Travel in China

Fiona and Shirlene in Italy: Vlog #1

Shanghai Daily's Fiona and Shirlene have jetted off to Milan, Italy to take part in a special event there showcasing some awesome art from Shanghai.
Tonglu County offers lush landscapes, village charm - Travel in China

Tonglu County offers lush landscapes, village charm

With the arrival of high-speed rail, the picturesque and culturally vibrant county in southwest Hangzhou is now more accessible than ever.
Jiande upgrades tourism experience - Travel in China

Jiande upgrades tourism experience

Jiande, with a history of more than 1,800 years, still attracts flocks of tourists by virtue of its well-preserved ancient defensive walls  and architecture.
Shanghai Disney Resort becomes winter wonderland - Travel in China

Shanghai Disney Resort becomes winter wonderland

In honor of the holiday season and the release of "Frozen 2," Disney is rolling out a series of special events and promotional celebrations.
Exploring farmer art, old-fashion villages - Travel in China

Exploring farmer art, old-fashion villages

Jinshan District, which borders Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou Bay in Shanghai's southwest, is a rewarding getaway for local visitors seeking a break from urban bustle.
Getaway amid a dreamscape of rice paddies - Travel in China

Getaway amid a dreamscape of rice paddies

Zhejiang Province has diverse geography, from plains to high mountains. Most visitors to the province don't get beyond the capital Hangzhou. They are missing much.
From the Stone Age to the more modern in a day trip - Travel in China

From the Stone Age to the more modern in a day trip

Most of Metro Line 9 runs parallel with other lines in the downtown area, but when it hives off on its own, it is the only rapid transit that takes you to Songjiang District. 
Fengxian's makeover attracts day-trippers - Travel in China

Fengxian's makeover attracts day-trippers

Fengxian District now aims to become the central hub for the world's cosmetics and health industries, while preserving its authentic agricultural and rural lifestyle.
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