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And they lived happily ever after

How three couples found their perfect partners and started out on the journey of a lifetime 
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How marriage customs have rung the changes

Arranged marriage became a thing of the past in Shanghai after the Marriage Law of China in May, 1950. Traditions surrounding wedding ceremonies changed accordingly 
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Diners develop a taste for farm-fresh ingredients

More restaurants are establishing links with local growers as the "farm-to-table" concept gains in popularity with chefs and consumers alike
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Asian talent prepares to shine at Shanghai film festival

The New Asian Talent Awards ceremony will be held on June 22.
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Village comedy about reform and opening-up gets green light

The realistic comedy, based on a true story from Ninghai, Zhejiang Province, depicts the achievements of China's villages since reform and opening-up.
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Paddling to the top: foreign students and their dragon boat glory

Rustam Boboev, an overseas student from Tajikistan in East China Normal University, is now the captain of the school's dragon boat team. 
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Australian cinema academy announces exchange plans at Shanghai film fest

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts released a series of programs for film exchange at the ongoing 21st Shanghai International Film Festival.
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Life and times of a Chinese martyr

Du Zhongyuan, a renowned journalist and entrepreneur, was a leading figure during China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.
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Wonders and wickedness in the days of yore

The ancient capital of Yin produced the earliest Chinese characters and fine bronzeware 3,000 years ago. But it also had a dark side steeped in human sacrifice.
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Marriage falls apart before your very eyes on Shanghai stage

"Some people fight to retain (love) ... but you cannot stop others falling in love with someone else," said French actor Raphael Personnaz. "It is helpless."