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Feature / Art & Culture

Classic theater play to be staged

The play is a collaboration between 77-year-old Kunqu Opera master Cai Zhengren and Peking Opera artists Shi Yihong, Xi Zhonglu, Ke Jun and Hu Xuan.
Feature / Travel

Hangzhou reveals the charm of the Grand Canal

The construction of the Grand Canal greatly contributed to the city's booming development since the 7th century.
Feature / Education

Duke Kunshan charts a new course in China

The arrival of the inaugural class of undergraduate students is one of the most memorable events of Duke Kunshan since its establishment in 2013.
Feature / Art & Culture

Exhibition stitching history together and celebrating craft of embroidery

An ongoing exhibition in the Crafts Museum of China Academy of Art is celebrating the ancient craft of needlework through a variety of historic costumes, patterns and motifs.
Feature / Book

Bookstores are no longer just about books

Farmers' studies are expanding rapidly in Shanghai. Unlike downtown libraries or bookstores, these have local district newspapers, agricultural books and other targeted items.
Feature / Art & Culture

Historic Beijing cobbler taps into the future

In central Beijing, cobbler Cai Wenke painstakingly makes shoes by hand in a process that has hardly changed since the business first started in 1853.
Feature / Art & Culture

Romanian coatmakers enjoy Dior limelight

Clothes makers from the northwestern Bihor region were more than a little bemused when they got wind of a 2017 Dior collection.
Feature / Lifestyle

Myanmar climbers set sights on Hkakabo Razi, a rugged peak only conquered once

Three Myanmar mountaineers plan to take on Hkakabo Razi, a peak so treacherous it has been conquered only once.
Feature / Entertainment

Clickety-click: Barbapapa is back

"Clickety click – Barba trick!"
Feature / Art & Culture

The treasure of the Da Ke Ding

The gigantic Da Ke Ding, an almost 3,000-year-old bronze tripod, is one of the centerpieces of the Shanghai Museum.