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Foreign students introduced to Lantern Festival customs at Kunqu Opera show

Sixty foreign students from 27 countries and regions attended a special Kunqu Opera performance to celebrate the Lantern Festival yesterday in Shanghai.
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Award-winning animated Japanese movie set for China release

The award-winning Japanese animated fantasy film "Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms" will hit the theaters across China on Friday, February 22.
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Sci-fi blockbuster 'Alita: Battle Angel' set for Friday release across China

American film "Alita: Battle Angel" is slated for release in China on Friday. It is also the first Hollywood blockbuster film released after the spring festival holiday.
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China's box office trend of breaking records

China's box office continued its record-breaking trend during the Spring Festival season when it surpassed 5.8 billion yuan (US$857 million) during the seven-day holiday period. 
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Torishou offers an exploration in Japanese cuisine

Torishou, a beloved yakitori spot on Fuxing Road W., has moved to another location on Changle Road, but with a much more discreet entrance.
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Er's Michelin-star service is a 'place to be'

The Er is the only Chinese restaurant inside Columbia Circle, the lifestyle complex tucked inside Panyu Road.
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Breaking the glass ceiling in high notes

US-BORN conductor Marin Alsop, 62, shared fire and romance in music with Shanghai audiences in a Valentine's Day concert of the Sao Paulo State Symphony Orchestra.
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Artists deal with history, heritage, language

The exhibition "Deeper Strata of Meaning" at Art+ Shanghai Gallery showcases the latest works of three artists Chen Linggang, Hu Weiqi, and Wang Haichuan.
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A Japanese hotpot journey of indulgence

Taiwanese joint Kanpai Group recently unveiled its new concept at Bund 5 – Kanpai Kurogeya, an indulgent journey to enjoy nabemono, or Japanese hotpot.
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Lanterns light the way to festive celebrations

There's lots to see and do to mark the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year period.