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Carbon pricing takes off: No free pollution

With the sense of climate urgency increasing, it is no longer acceptable to pollute for free and pass the bill to future generations.
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Battling smog: Playing with nature is dangerous

Smog is fog with added ingredients of smoke and tiny airborne particulates. Smog causes health hazards, leading to respiratory diseases, skin eruptions and eye problems.
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Debunking the myth of a 'country for white people'

"Not racist" but wanting a "country for white people." A bit of a conundrum here.
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London school keen on China experience

Because of the ever bigger role China plays in global economy, Ortalo-Magné believed that many business courses currently being taught in Western classes are too Western-centric.
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The dark underbelly of China's dancing grannies

One of the first things many foreigners coming to China notice and enjoy are those dancing grannies, but most are unaware of the dark underbelly of the seemingly innocent affair.
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'Battlefield' lays bare the truth: Victory can also feel like defeat

The Pandavas' victory over the Kauravas in the Mahabharata drives home the hard fact that victory over others feels more like a defeat.
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New Sino-US globalization opportunity

WHILE the United States' postwar policies in Asia are shifting, a new Sino-US historical opportunity has emerged. US and Chinese visions of globalization could prove complementary.
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When leaders support dirty investments

To shift capital from fossil-fuel heavy initiatives to green energy projects,countries will need new legal and policy frameworks at the regional,national, and international levels.
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Philanthropy gains importance in tackling problems

Will we be replaced by robots? Will we need to have a guaranteed minimum income and in turn a robot taxation? Further, the world is facing major challenges on a societal level.
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The enchanting world of multi-colored leaves

Autumn is for outdoors, and the fallen leaves on Shanghai's streets make for a spectacle that is enjoyed by both locals and expatriates alike.