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Trade war might jeopardize trading system

The harm caused by a full-on trade war would be felt well beyond the realm of international commerce.
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Why every company should embrace the World Cup

The best predictor of workplace satisfaction is the culture and values of the organization,while compensation and benefits were consistently rated among the least important factors
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Too many excuses dog innovation

Winning the future through innovation is not an alien idea to most imperiled market-leading incumbents.
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Finding 'magic' formula for global brand success

Strong brands need to have both logic and magic -- logic is about quality and the performance of products and magic is about emotions.
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Overburdened class teachers in short supply

Most of us know the difficulty of being a teacher, but not all of us are prepared to associate the job with the risk of physical violence.
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Exclusive mobile phone lane sends wrong message

It is a 100-metre-long rubber track constructed by a nearby shopping mall. Such a sidewalk, allegedly, allows some protection to distracted pedestrians.
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Can euro be saved from impending crisis?

Across the eurozone, political leaders are moving into a state of paralysis: Citizens want to remain in the EU, but also want an end to austerity and the return of prosperity.
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Ongoing legacy of original sin: pervasive racism in America

For people of color, the result is that they experience an almost constant state of surveillance, even suspicion, from white neighbors, co-workers and law enforcement personnel.
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Qingdao summit ushers in fresh era for SCO

The 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit has injected fresh impetus to the building of an SCO community with a shared future.
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New technology leading urban sprawl fight to put nature back into future city planning

We are even witnessing a boom in urban agriculture, as advances in hydroponic and aeroponic farming techniques make it easier to grow vegetables in confined spaces.