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Bolstering land rights strengthens development

For most of the world's poor and vulnerable people, secure property rights, including land tenure, are a rarely accessible luxury. 
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Overseas study tour turns into a vanity fair

Parents post photos of their children at overseas locations in WeChat, in a way to flaunt their wealth, to avoid becoming the target of subtle or not-so-subtle contempt.
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Legacy thinking is easier than thinking about the unknown

It's not so much that we have run out of ideas, but that we don't even get started on the ideas we have.
Opinion / Chinese views

Banish B site's baneful subtitles

China Central Television named and shamed Bilibili, also known as B site, a popular video streaming platform, for the huge amount of inappropriate content it hosted.
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So much to learn so soon

Some training institutions in Shanghai require preschoolers to master a minimum 3,000 Chinese characters, numeracy skills to ensure their admission to elite private primary schools
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Being footloose and fancy-free during the summer ... or not!

Youxian zide – footloose and fancy-free. That's one Chinese idiom that describes the summer holiday as a child. But for more and more Chinese kids, summer is anything but.

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The chilling story of the melting north calls for reflection, action

We are in the midst of an epic heat spell, with a warning that extreme heat will be more frequent, intense and prolonged with global warming.
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Are some street signs more confusing than helpful?

As a truly international metropolis, tourism magnet, and one of the most dynamic cities in China, Shanghai has a vested interest in being foreigner friendly.
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Ethnic Chinese from abroad ask: Who am I?

Chinese culture, customs and ways of thinking will inevitably leave an indelible mark on these children as many of them spend their formative years in the country.
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Celebrating elevation of fitness as lifestyle

Based on what I've observed, the trend toward fitness will likely carry on as Shanghai follows its current path of development ...