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2023 Auto Shanghai concludes to global acclaim

Huang Yixuan
In its 20th year, Shanghai auto show has evolved from a window for China to observe the world to a highway from which the world can observe China.
Huang Yixuan
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This year's Shanghai auto show has concluded with great success, with more than 900,000 visitors and 13,000 journalists from home and abroad.

The 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, also known as 2023 Auto Shanghai, closed on April 27 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

The international A-level auto show, with the theme of "Embracing the New Era of the Automotive Industry," featured vehicles ready for the roads, the automotive supply chain, and automotive technology enterprises, and received immense attention from the global automotive industry.

The exhibition covered a total area of over 360,000 square meters, showcasing 1,413 vehicles in the vehicle exhibition area, including 93 cars making their global debuts (28 of which were from multinational automakers) and 64 concept cars. There were also 271 new-energy vehicle models on display, including 186 from Chinese automakers, and 513 new-energy vehicles were exhibited.

During the 10-day exhibition, over 13,000 domestic and foreign media personnel reported on the event, while a staggering 906,000 domestic and international visitors attended.

2023 Auto Shanghai concludes to global acclaim

The media days of the 2023 Auto Shanghai led off on April 18 and 19, during which major automakers held 151 press conferences. The exhibition also hosted more than 20 forums, summits, seminars and technical exchange activities focused on hot topics such as new energy, intelligent connected vehicles, hydrogen energy, and intelligent automobiles, providing a platform for mutual promotion and integration for the future development of the global automotive industry.

Of note, the event was dominated by the themes of new-energy electrification and smart technology. Almost all of the new car releases centered on these two concepts, with new energy vehicles surpassing traditional fuel-powered cars in terms of quantity for the first time. These NEVs also held the most prominent positions on the majority of exhibition stands.

The show also demonstrated China's progress and its leading position in the major development of electric and intelligent vehicles. Numerous Chinese brands became the most popular exhibitors at this year's auto show, showcasing the comprehensive rise of China's NEVs. Another highlight was the frequent appearance of high-level foreign technical executives at Chinese brand booths to observe their independently developed technologies.

This year's exhibition also showcased a diverse range of automotive power technologies, including pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, and range-extended vehicles. These are providing consumers with more personalized and diverse options when it comes to purchasing vehicles.

As early as 1985, the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai established the Auto Shanghai show, which is now in its 20th year. Initially, the auto show was a window for China to observe the world, but it has since evolved into a window for the world to observe China.

It now holds a significant position among international auto shows, and has become an important platform for global automotive companies to showcase their latest achievements and exchange ideas on industry development.

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