Feature / Art & Culture

Paper-cut art: from ancient times to modern technology

Paper-cut is an integral part of Chinese life and culture and expresses the moral principles, philosophies and aesthetic ideals of its exponents.
Feature / Art & Culture

Exquisite cultural relics chronicle history of Shanghai

An exhibition of cultural relics at the Open House Museum and POA Gallery of Xintiandi is offering visitors an insight into the history of Shanghai.

Feature / Art & Culture

Festive traditions mark Autumn Equinox

Qiufen marks the day when day and night are evenly split, osmanthus and chrysanthemums flowers start blossoming and hairy crabs enter its best days.

Feature / Art & Culture

Young experts reflect on why China holds dear to them

A group of 30 scholars recently spent a month in Shanghai to learn about China. Three of them talk about the time they spent here and of their experiences and expectations.
Feature / Lifestyle

Taking on the men in kitchen

Yan Huiqin broke the century-long male dominance in Chinese kitchen to create signature dishes that charmed some of the world leaders during their visit to China. 
Feature / Taste

Congee for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea

Congee is not only one of China’s most popular breakfast dishes but also a regular accompaniment to other side orders eaten throughout the day.
Feature / Taste

Worship in the temple of a healthy diner

Nowadays, a healthy life is becoming more important than ever, so a light meal has been a trend among the whitecollared workers and youth.
Feature / Entertainment

A variety of TV programs to air over National Day holiday

Audiences will be presented with an array of TV programs during the National Day holiday, including one featuring expats performing beloved Chinese songs.
Feature / Art & Culture

Artisans work magic of restoration

A group of uniquely experienced but aging local artisans have been devoting their later years to the tasks of restoring ancient buildings in Ningbo’s Ninghai County.
Feature / Entertainment

Tickets for Berlin philharmonic orchestra performances sold out in 26 hours

All the tickets for Berliner Philharmoniker's 2017 Shanghai Concert were sold out within 26 hours of going on sale on September 17.