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2023 Auto Festival to boost summer consumption

Huang Yixuan
This year's event released a used car valuation app, allowing users to find convenient and comprehensive information regarding pricing.
Huang Yixuan

The 2023 Auto Festival kicked off on Friday in Shanghai, as part of the Summer Consumption Season campaign.

At the opening ceremony, the overseas version of the used car condition report was released by Che Xin Meng, an automotive circulation information service platform in Shanghai, in three languages including English, Russian and Arabic to support used car exports.

On Friday, the "Shanghai Automotive Consumer Map," was also launched to allow consumers to access the information of over 1,000 auto sales outlets via the Che Xin Meng app, offering comprehensive, one-stop auto dealer information services.

2023 Auto Festival to boost summer consumption

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Used Car Trade Association launched the "Fair Valuation 3.0" platform for used car valuation, enabling car owners to obtain reference prices for their vehicles using basic information such as the car model and mileage on a WeChat official account "二手车流通" (used car circulation). The platform aims to make used car transactions more transparent and convenient.

Several car brands and dealerships at the event also announced a series of promotional activities, while offering consumers high-quality after-sales services.

SAIC Volkswagen, for example, launched activities such as a limited-time discount of 50,000 yuan (US$6,962.6) for the ID.6X, a discount of up to 42,000 yuan for the ID.4X, and a discount of 37,000 yuan for the ID.3.

Volvo introduced promotional measures such as a 10,000 yuan subsidy for the XC60 T8 model. NIO launched summer consumption season benefits in July, including test drive gifts and replacement gifts. Li Auto presented a limited-time purchase promotion covering three models: L9, L8 and L7.

The auto festival will also feature a range of promotional activities at various automotive sales outlets throughout the city during the summer consumption season.

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