Fosun launches online health-care platform

Ding Yining
Local conglomerate offering services that include online health care consultation and diagnosis, insurance and family physician appointments.
Ding Yining

Fosun International has launched an integrated digital platform for online health-care consultation and diagnosis, insurance and family physician appointments as the local conglomerate strives to offer comprehensive health services by digital means.

The WeChat mini site program "Fosun Health Plus" allows users to book nucleic acid tests offered by third-party providers and health-care organizations in more than 20 cities.

A wide range of services and functions such as remote consultation, chronic disease management and nutritional supplement sales have been added to the site program.

"We want to fully leverage the digital platform and to promote health awareness for consumers through a more accessible and efficient way, which is an essential move following the coronavirus outbreak," said Chen Qiyu, co-CEO of Fosun International and chairman of Fosun Pharma.

"As people's health awareness and lifestyles go through big changes amid the pandemic, they're also turning to relevant integrated health and wellness services," he added.

More services by Fosun affiliates and third-party collaborators will be added to the site program in the near future.

Fosun, along with Weiyi Group, AliHealth and Ping An Good Doctor, is among the online health-care providers turning to digital consultations to avoid face-to-face contact to relieve pressure on hospitals.

Over a hundred livestreams and online lectures will be held featuring health-care expertise and doctors in the next two weeks through Fosun's platform by teaming up with local health-care administration bodies and organizations such as the Shanghai Medical Doctor Association, Shanghai Medical Association and Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

Its health maintenance organization plan is also looking at offering private physician appointments and tailor-made comprehensive disease prevention and consultation services for individuals and corporate customers.

Fosun International's consumer goods affiliates and health-care services divisions will also participate in the city's Double Five Shopping Festival both online and in pop-up stores to help boost spending on health and wellness. 

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