South Korean beauty giant returns to international expo

It is the fourth time that South Korean cosmetics firm Amorepacific plays its part in the China International Import Expo.
South Korean beauty giant returns to international expo

South Korean cosmetics giant Amorepacific is attending the CIIE for the fourth year in a row with over 600 exhibits across nine brands.

Amorepacific is attending the China International Import Expo for the fourth year in a row with more than 600 exhibits across nine brands, as the South Korean cosmetics giant further demonstrates its ambition to make "A MORE Beautiful World."

Amorepacific has divided its exhibition area, occupying more than 500 square meters, into three sections: "Beautiful time," "Brand nebula" and "Dialogue with the future."

By adopting dynamic special effects such as sound, light, and color, combined with live activities such as themed forums, new product livestreaming, and a fashion makeup show, it is creating an immersive aesthetic experience space that has vividly interpreted the company's borderless New Beauty concepts – with an emphasis on promoting equality and individuality.

China is the largest and fastest growing overseas market for Amorepacific. Through accurate market insight and focused R&D, the group has brought new brands and product experiences to Chinese consumers.

As the creator of air cushions and sleeping mask products, Amorepacific is constantly enriching and diversifying its products.

In recent years, the company has made research breakthroughs in the use of ginseng, retinol, and skin microbiome.

The Sulwhasoo brand has brought the product of the year, called "Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX," to this year's expo. Last year, the "Concentrated Ginseng Rescue Ampoule & Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum" unveiled at the expo helped to boost Sulwhasoo brand a sales explosion exceeding 100 million yuan (US$15.61 million) in 10 minutes during the Singles Day shopping spree right after the expo and continued to capitalize on this success both offline and online after the shopping extravaganza ended.

South Korean beauty giant returns to international expo

The Sulwhasoo brand has brought the product of the year, called "Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX," to this year's expo.

In combination with the group's latest retinol R&D achievements, the LANEIGE brand launched the Perfect Renew Youth Retinol product containing 95 percent high-purity retinol for the Chinese market.

The fifth generation "Neo Cushion" is another eye-catching product under the LANEIGE brand.

Ryo, a professional hair loss prevention and scalp care brand, will launch a brand-new "Ryo Ginsen EX hair loss scalp care shampoo" at the expo, which is the global debut of this series.

This year's theme of "We Make A MORE Beautiful World" also carries the long-term mission of building a beautiful ecology, society, and life.

Four themed forums around two topics – "sustainable development" and "research and innovation" – will be held during the expo, with participants with expertise in various areas exchanging their views and ideas for the future development of the beauty industry.

The sustainable development forum will invite Charles Kao, president of Amorepacific China, Lena Yang, co-founder of WWD China, and Liu Tao, partner of SynTao, to share with audiences the unique mission of the beauty industry under China's dual carbon goal from different perspectives and the approaches they have taken to fully leverage their own strength to drive and influence consumers to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

At the same time, the group's efforts and achievements in continuously reducing the environmental footprint throughout products' life cycles will also be shared during the expo.

With the implementation of the group's "2030 sustainable development goal" in China, Amorepacific promises to achieve important goals such as carbon neutrality at its production sites, the use of RE100 renewable power, and plastic reduction by 2030.

Under the "research and innovation" topic, Amorepacific's senior research fellows will have a dialogue with pharmaceutical experts and well-known beauty and skincare influencers to reveal the scientific and technological innovation behind the "ingredients" of its skin beauty products mainly through three aspects, namely the application and principle of ginseng as a traditional Asian medicinal material preventing skin aging, the research and breakthrough of balanced retinol "safety" and "efficacy," and the research and discovery of skin's circadian rhythm and golden sleep period.

"China is an open and dynamic market. It is not only the center of beauty trends in Asia, but it also plays a role in promoting the development of the global industry.

"Amorepacific will continue to grow together with the Chinese market and continue to create value for Chinese consumers," Kao said.

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