Samsung releases AI-backed new smartphone

Zhu Shenshen
Samsung has released Galaxy AI that has content creation applications powered by generative artificial intelligence in China.
Zhu Shenshen

Samsung released new Galaxy S24 smartphones in China on Thursday, adding to the AI craze spurred by ChatGPT's expansion into the mobile device industry.

Samsung, the world's second-largest smartphone brand, labeled the new series, Galaxy AI, a collection of productivity, communication, and content creation capabilities powered by generative artificial intelligence.

"The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will reshape the tech landscape with meaningful AI experiences, unlocking the door to the future with Galaxy AI, which combines localized cloud capabilities," said TM Roh, president of Samsung Electronics China.

Samsung releases AI-backed new smartphone
Ti Gong

Samsung displays an AI translation service in its latest model, which will be available in China next week.

One example is the real-time translation services that should be helpful for students, visitors, enterprises, and expats. It enables users to translate text and conversation with a "one-click" instead of highlighting certain terms or copying and pasting between apps.

In China, Samsung has partnered with companies such as Baidu and Meitu to deliver localized AI services, such as ChatGPT on computers.

Samsung hopes to regain market dominance and profit from the migration of AI features on the new phones.

According to IDC, Apple will surpass Samsung for the top spot in 2023, with a market share of 20.1 percent, followed by the South Korean giant (19.4 percent) and the trio of Chinese giants Xiaomi, OPPO, and Transsion.

IDC concluded that AI models will considerably improve the competitiveness of high-end products.

Samsung and Chinese businesses have created AI features such as AIGC (AI-generated content), automatic phone script production and calendar creation, and one-click "reducing" strangers in images. In comparison, Apple's AI remains at the "Siri" level, a technology that debuted more than a decade ago.

Samsung Galaxy S24 will be available in China from January 31 with a starting price of 5,499 yuan (US$775). S24 Ultra, a premium model, starts at 9,699 yuan.

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