CIIE firms step up to support China's frontline workers with vital supplies

Huang Yixuan
Member companies donated food and beverages to the volunteers fighting the pandemic.
Huang Yixuan

Some CIIE exhibitors have donated supplies to the frontline workers fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic to fulfill their social responsibility.

Responding to the call of the Shanghai Volunteer Association and the Shanghai Public Service Foundation for Volunteers, the foreign enterprise volunteer service union of the Shanghai Foreign Investment Association organized its member companies to donate vital food and beverages to the volunteers fighting against the pandemic.

It was the first large-scale member donation activity organized by the union since its establishment in 2012, and it pledged to join the foundation to support its member enterprises meet their corporate social responsibilities.

The CIIE donor exhibitors included DuPont, Amway, Pepsi, 3M, Fonterra and Danone, donating protective clothing, masks, disinfectant, milk, beverages and other products.

DuPont China donated 600 sets of protective clothing; 3M donated 20,000 N95 protective masks and 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizer; and Amway donated 366 bottles of hand sanitizing gel, 1,000 portable bottles and 500 boxes of protein powder.

These epidemic prevention materials have built better protection for the pandemic prevention volunteers on the frontline.

Fonterra donated 500 cartons of Anchor full-fat milk, Pepsi donated 6,000 bottles of Gatorade and Danone donated 6,000 bottles of Mizone vitamin drink,to help hydrate and replace electrolytes for the volunteers.

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