Health care and lifestyle brands debut new innovative products at this year CIIE

Huang Yixuan
As the 5th China International Import Expo prepares to open its doors in 30 days, lifestyle brands from health care to hair products are set to debut new innovative products.
Huang Yixuan

With the 5th China International Import Expo preparing to open in just 30 days, more exhibits have been revealed, including some making their global debuts.

The expo's consumer products section will also feature many new and innovative hair products.

L'Oréal will present Colorsonic, a handheld device with a customizable design for precise coloring, which has already won an award at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show, and will make its Asian debut at the 5th CIIE.

The device's oscillating brush head can apply the dye evenly to the hair when being moved along a zigzag path, giving consumers a stable coloring effect at home and avoiding the hassle of rubbing the dye everywhere.

Hoyu Group, which will take part in the CIIE for the first time this year, will bring its famous hair coloring brands including Bigen and CIELO. This marks the first offline exhibition they've participated in, in China.

Kao Corporation, an "old friend" of the expo, attending for five consecutive years, will bring its Liese bubble hair dye products with new colors to this year's expo. This series of products will be available online simultaneously.

In the expo's medical equipment and health-care section, there will also be many "loyal" exhibitors.

The world-leading biopharmaceutical company MSD said it will continue to participate in the upcoming CIIE this year, which coincides with the 30th anniversary of MSD's entry into China.

Health care and lifestyle brands debut new innovative products at this year CIIE

A hand-drawn sketch of MSD booth at the 5th CIIE. The MSD China pavilion will feature a series of innovative exhibits and interactive experiences that will showcase the company's centuries-old history, its outstanding achievements in the country during the past three decades, and its remarkable journey of growth alongside China's flourishing health-care industry.

"For the past five years, MSD has been privileged to take part in CIIE and witness China's increasing openness and partnership with the world," said Anna Van Acker, senior vice president of MSD and president of MSD in China.

"Through the world-class open platform of CIIE, we look forward to continuing to fulfill MSD's long-term promise of 'Inventing for Life' as we strengthen our cooperation with public organizations, medical institutions, industry partners and other sectors of society."

This year will be MSD's fourth appearance at CIIE. The main exhibition area is based on this year's theme of "30 Years of MSD China: Writing Our Future, Healthcare For All," and MSD's star exhibit – the oral antiviral medicine used to treat COVID-19, molnupiravir – will be unveiled at this year's CIIE.

Johnson & Johnson will have a double booth covering a total area of over 1,100 square meters, making it one of the largest exhibitions in Hall 7.2.

This year, the company will showcase nearly 200 innovative products from its three major businesses – medical technology, pharmaceuticals and consumer health.

Among the exhibits, approximately 40 will be making their world premieres or China premieres, bringing innovative global medical trends and cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of high-incidence conditions, including cardiovascular disease, high-incidence oncology, orthopedics, mental illness and cataracts.

Of note, its world premiere exhibits include a paliperidone palmitate injection product, which is the world's first and only drug to effectively treat schizophrenia patients with two injections a year.

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