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New technologies boost house decoration market

Zhu Shenshen
Online Chinese firms say that because people are spending more on decorating their houses, employing the latest technologies can better meet their particular demands.
Zhu Shenshen
New technologies boost house decoration market
Zhu Shenshen / SHINE

Dabanjia's virtual reality system is used to train decorators. 

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D modeling are being employed in the home decoration market, which is expected to be worth 6 trillion yuan (US$923 billion) a year in China by 2025. 

With people spending more on decorating their houses, technology can better meet their particular demands, according to online platforms Dabanjia and Tubatu.

Artificial intelligence is used in decision-making and supply-chain optimization, virtual reality in design and training, and Building Information Modeling (BIM), a 3D model-based tool, is employed by architectural, engineering and construction professionals.

These technologies will make house design and decoration more efficient in meeting customer requirements, said Cui Jian, CEO and founder of Dabanjia, an online decoration platform. 

Dabanjia, a division of the electronics chain retailer Gome, plans to generate revenue of 500 billion yuan (US$77 billion) within three years, Cui said.

In Chinese cities, especially the metropolises of Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, houses comprise around 70 percent of a family’s assets. People are willing to pay more for design and decoration, boosting demand for the new technologies, according to researcher EqualOcean. 

The pandemic, which forced people to stay at home and closed shops last year, fueled demand for online design.

 Tubatu has teamed up with software parters to offer consumers cloud design and BIM services. 

With the digital tools, it enables consumers to know better what they need and offers real time information for the supply chain, Tubatu said.

Firms such as and Suning have been testing the water in the smart decoration market, according to industry officials.

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