Cai Wenjun

Metro Managing Editor

Private investment key player for high-end health services

Private investment will become a major source of high-end healthcare providers, while public hospitals are responsible for basic and general services.

Top health specialists honored during medical association's centennial

Fifty leading medical specialists who have made great contributions to medical development were honored recently in Shanghai.

High rate of twins from IVF treatment a worry, doctors say

The high rate of twins from IVF and other treatments is alarming, posing risks to both mothers and babies.

Hundreds take part in cancer charity run

Hope Run, a charity run with participants who are doctors, researchers, cancer patients and volunteers, hit the streets of Shanghai's Xuhui District today.

New electronic medical card to create better treatment environment

Shanghai Cancer Center today teamed up with Tencent to introduce a WeChat-based electronic medical card to help patients better fill their waiting time.

New database to boost research and treatment of children's kidney disease

The nation’s first database on children’s genetic kidney disease was launched today, in a bid to boost treatment effects and genetics studies.

Dangers lurking in your sponges

HOME-CLEANING tools may harbor germs, warn experts from the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

More top students learn medicine after recent lull

Medical schools again become one of the top choices for the best high school students, who are determined to become doctors.

Officials urge passengers to buckle up

Buckling up in the car helps greatly drop death rate, health officials told a health lecture. Education on traffic accident prevention is a major task for the authority this year.

Independent lab establishment an "important part" of health services

Independent third-party labs are encouraged by the government under health reform, and will become an important part of China's health service.