Art exhibition confronts environmental challenges

A new show from Hu Yongke and his students grapples with the world's most pressing ecological issues, including species endangerment and climate change.
Art exhibition confronts environmental challenges
Ti Gong

Artist Hu Yongke explains the ideas behind his art pieces.

Endangered species, polluted oceans and overfishing are themes featured by artist Hu Yongke and his students at a new exhibition entitled “Home, Think and Change.”

The “Disappearing Animals” series by Hu is the highlight of the exhibit, which is organized by art space Carbonium12 and the culture platform Toptier. The dark tones of the paintings represent the bleak situation faced by the world's wildlife.

“From head to toe, you will see animals disappearing, but if you look from toe to top, they are reborn,” said artist Hu. “Although the living environment is tough now, there is always hope if we see the problems and work together to solve them.”

The exhibition also showcases paintings from over 40 students of Hu and dozens of art pieces created by disabled people. These cover topics such as climate change, pollution and energy shortage.

Carnonium 12 art space has held many contemporary art exhibitions, including the solo show “The Stuff” by Liu Gang. Cross-over social events have also been held there.


Date: Through January 15, 10am-10pm

Venue: Carbonium12 art space

Address: No. 225-226, 2/F, CITIC Square,1168 Nanjing Rd W.

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