Young artists show their understanding of 'light and reflection'

Wang Jie
The 200 artworks now on display are mainly canvas and sculpture, but also include ink, water-colors, multi-media, installations and photographs.
Wang Jie
Young artists show their understanding of 'light and reflection'

Zhu Peihong's "Inner Space No. 3," watercolor

Young artists show their understanding of 'light and reflection'

Xia Cun's "Chandelier No. 1," multi-media

When the exhibition titled "Sea Horizon" launched in 1986, perhaps no one would have expected the concept to last for 36 years.

Organized by the Shanghai Artists' Association and China Art Museum, "Light / Reflect: 19th Sea Horizon Painting and Sculpture Exhibition" is underway at the China Art Museum through January 27.

The 200 artworks are mainly canvas and sculpture, yet also includes ink, water-colors, multi-media, installation and photographs.

"The first edition of the exhibition introduced 26 young and middle-aged local artists to the public," said Li Xiaofeng, curator of the exhibition.

"Later 'Sea Horizon' focused on the young generation of artists through their experimental, academic and contemporary art practice. So far, there are about 400 young and middle-aged artists in Shanghai that have been invited to show at 'Sea Horizon'."

Starting from 2018, "Sea Horizon" aimed to spread its influence to the Yangze River Delta, so artists outside Shanghai have also been invited to participate.

This year the exhibition invited 30 artists' groups, among which 21 were from Shanghai and nine from the Yangtze River Delta.

According to Li, this year's theme "Light / Reflect" is the way to view the participating artworks at the exhibit.

"Light and reflection are two physical phenomena and sociological definitions," he said. "Artists try to reflect this theme through their own angles, varying from astronomy, physics, psychology, sociology to culture. In fact, the city itself is a gigantic luminance that has both a warm temperature and light pollution."

Young artists show their understanding of 'light and reflection'

"Water Drop" by Qin Ling, sculpture.

The highlight of the exhibition is Qin Ling's sculpture titled "Water Drop" that features a roll of naked human figures standing close to each other on a shape which could either be identified as a bullet or a trans-versed water drop.

Because of the material, the work perfectly echoes the theme of "Light and Reflection," while at the same time the pondering of the viewer towards relationships between individuals and groups, war and peace, mankind and nature.

Exhibition info:

Date: December 9-January 27 (closed on Mondays), 9am–5pm

Venue: China Art Museum

Address: 205 Shangnan Rd


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