Moments of December 2021 in Minhang District

Moments of December in Minhang

Giving birth during lockdown

Moments of December 2021 in Minhang District
Ti Gong

Xiao Ji poses for a picture with medical staff at Minhang Central Hospital. In the early morning hours of November 26, having been separated from her family since the previous night following a lockdown due to COVID-19, Xiao Ji finally gave birth to her child at the hospital. Under the care of medical staff, from detecting the symptoms of labor to being sent to the delivery room, Xiao Ji was thankful for the "company and encouragement of medical staff that made me warm at the hospital." Minhang District Hospital, along with dozens of other Shanghai hospitals, was placed under lockdown for medical screening after the city reported three local coronavirus cases on November 25. It reopened on November 27 after all COVID-19 tests carried out during the lockdown came back negative.

Jabs open to kids

Booking windows to vaccinate children aged 3 to 5 years opened in Minhang on November 18. Vaccinations officially started two days later on November 20. Volunteers from schools across Pujiang Village, such as Pujiang No. 2 kindergarten, helped at the vaccination booths to keep children in order and relieve any anxiety before injections.

Fingertip blood tests

A non-invasive blood glucose testing device that does not require fingertip blood collection has been piloted in Meilong and Zhuanqiao towns. The device was developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Health Center where results are connected directly to a mobile app. So far, 851 samples have been collected in Minhang, with results exceeding 80% accuracy. Compared to conventional blood glucose measuring devices, this one prevents needle-related infections and has a standby time of approximately 21 days.

Green packaging

Companies in Minhang have begun to support and adopt a zero-carbon packaging strategy to promote environmental sustainability. One such company is Taoli Foods which produces baked goods using sustainable packaging. The initiative has been supported by Shanghai State Power Investment Corporation with photovoltaic power generation and smart integrated energy services.

After-class options

Gumei School has created a variety of options to allow students to learn beyond the classroom. From red-scarf councilors and security guards and even to reporters, the school has devised leadership opportunities to allow students to serve the wider community, immersing them both in local culture and order.

Eyesores removed

Qibao Town has begun to lay underground circuits and piping, remove overhead wires and replace old meter boxes in areas south of Qingnian Road, north of Fuqiang Street, west of Hengli Road and east of Yutang Street in Qibao Old Street. The project on Qibao Old Street is expected to be completed early next year and will ensure the elimination of potential power hazards.

Rural 'smart' parking

Pujiang has piloted the promotion of "smart" parking management in its rural areas. Qinlao Village took the lead with infrastructure facilities having been set up at its 12 entrances. Parking fees will be automatically deducted from electronic payment systems as no man is in service at the toll booths. The "smart" service will later be promoted to other villages in the town. There are 38 villages in Pujiang.

New sport center

The Junlian Sports Center in Zhuanqiao Town will soon be in operation, fully equipped with a swimming pool, aerobics room, spinning bikes and multi-functional courts that cater to all age groups and activity levels. The center will primarily serve residents of the Junlian area, with a population of over 30,000. It will soon become an instrumental part of the community, further popularizing the idea of creating a healthy "15-minute social circle" with sport life and activity.

HQ project starts

Stationery manufacturing group Deli held a ground-breaking ceremony for its Shanghai headquarters project in Zhuanqiao Town. The project covers an area of about 45.6 acres and aims to be completed by the end of 2023.

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