Fangsong Subdistrict well-served for testing

Yuan Luhang
Songjiang's Fangsong Subdistrict has set up 34 standing PCR sampling sites around the area since May 1.
Yuan Luhang
Fangsong Subdistrict well-served for testing
Ti Gong

A PCR sampling site in Fangsong Subdistrict

Songjiang's Fangsong Subdistrict has set up 34 standing PCR sampling sites around the area since May 1, which enables residents to get a PCR test within 10 minutes' walk from their home.

The sampling sites are manned by 772 PCR support staff who can complete the whole sampling process independently. To be a qualified sampling worker, one has to pass both a written test and an operational test.

"PCR sampling poses potential risks. Although we need more sampling assistants, we still insist on the principle that we want qualified ones," said Xu Yibei, an official at the subdistrict office.

"The teaching staff for the training are mainly medical workers with rich PCR sampling experience, basically in accordance with a ratio of 10 students to one teacher, to ensure the students get hand-in-hand guidance," said Sheng Yuan, deputy head of the medical department of the Fangsong Subdistrict Community Health Service Center.

"It is necessary to make each trainee familiar with the technical points of PCR sampling and the precautions of putting on and taking off personal protective clothing," Sheng added.

He Yi is now a skilled PCR sample-taker serving Thames Town, a famous tourist site in Songjiang. In fact, he is not a medical worker, but a company executive.

"My working hours are not fixed and I can participate in two to three sampling tasks per week to contribute to the prevention and control of the pandemic in the community," He said.

"We encourage people such as those with medical experience, freelancers, and recent retirees to participate in PCR sampling," said Yao Lili, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Thames Town Business District.

There are currently 29 auxiliary personnel with PCR sampling qualifications in the area, according to Yao.

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