12-point strategy for economic, social development post-pandemic

New policies have been unveiled to coordinate the fight against the pandemic with efforts to revive the economy and boost social development.

Jiading has outlined 12 policies to coordinate pandemic prevention and control, stabilize the market, boost consumption, create jobs and promote sustained, stable and high-quality economic and social development.

The district will establish a mutual protection between the industrial and supply chains in the Yangtze River Delta region to ensure the supply and strengthen the chain. Assistance will be given to supplier companies through coordination to make sure the stable operation.

Financial institutions are encouraged to provide loans through the regional industry and finance platform to micro, small and medium-enterprises affected by the pandemic and to open up green channels to accelerate approvals.

Businesses are encouraged to accelerate technological and digital transformation, while government and state-owned enterprises will expand their purchasing lists.

The district will also promote the recovery of consumption by hosting a series of "summer shopping season" activities. Companies are also being encouraged to hire more graduates.

Tax rebates to help businesses

The district tax bureau will pay out tax rebates in full at one time for micro and small-enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.

The incremental tax rebate will be refunded in full value on a monthly basis from April 1.

The bureau will focus on supporting enterprises in sectors such as manufacturing, scientific research and technical services, power, heating, gas and water production and supply, software and information technology services, ecological protection and environmental governance and transportation, storage and postal services. The remaining rebate will be refunded in full value before the end of this year.

The Shanghai Zhongke Shenjiang Electric Vehicle Co Ltd in the Jiading Industrial Zone received 10 million yuan (US$1.5 million) in tax rebates, easing the company's financial stress according to general manager Sun Jiangming.

"In the next stage, we will accelerate the technical transformation of the coaxial bridge product production line and improve product development and supply guarantee capabilities," Sun said.

"Due to the impact of the pandemic and the shortage of chips, many related enterprises in the automotive industry are in a tight financial situation," said Lu Yingyin, senior manager with the finance department of SAIC Volkswagen Automobile Co Ltd. "The two-month tax rebate refunded us about 1.1 billion yuan."

45 deals worth 17b yuan inked

Agreements on 45 projects worth a total of 17 billion yuan were signed in May. The projects mainly cover the new four modernizations of the automotive, high-performance medical care, smart manufacturing and the online new economy sectors.

Jiading will embrace change in its forward-looking strategy, adhere to the "3 plus 1" characteristic industries focusing on the automotive sector, intelligent sensors and the Internet of Things, high-performance medical equipment and precision medicine and the online new economy.

It will optimize ecology and upgrade functional levels, take the lead in building a new energy system and strive to become a benchmark for high-quality development.

Half of all industrial enterprises in Jiading with an annual income exceeding 20 million yuan have resumed production. They contribute about 80 percent of Jiading's gross domestic product.

Joint efforts to solve customs issues

The Jiading Customs is making every effort to smooth the import and export operations of local enterprises and ensure the stability of the industrial and supply chains.

The customs has helped 79 enterprises solve 89 problems since April. It helped United Imagine complete the rapid customs clearance of multiple batches of materials.

In the middle of April, some of the company's raw materials were stranded at the Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Port, and the production line faced the risk of shutdown.

Jiading Customs contacted Pudong Airport Customs and Wusong Customs, coordinated with the warehouse to give priority to tallying and tracked the progress of tallying and collection.

The air cargo was picked up the same day, and the sea cargo was picked up the next day.

With the joint work, United Image has cleared more than 100 batches of goods with Jiading Customs since April.

12-point strategy for economic, social development post-pandemic

Malls open for business again

The CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza and Jiading Baolong Plaza in Jiading New Town resumed offline business. A total of 31 stores in Wanda Plaza reopened their doors that day involving retail, catering and digital gadgets.

In Baolong Plaza, 30 stores and restaurants opened. Other malls such as Nanxiang Impression City MEGA are also now open.

The mall has set up one-way entrance and exit, configured a venue code and digital sentry and will check temperatures, health codes and PCR test results for everyone entering the mall.

The mall also regularly carries out disinfection and sterilization, regularly ventilates and has installed intelligent disinfection station equipment and hands-free disinfectant in key areas.

12-point strategy for economic, social development post-pandemic

Industrial park helps enterprises recover

Zeng Yiru, who lives in Anting Town, is a research fellow in the biological laboratory. She returned to the Shanghai Luyi Cell Biotechnology Co Ltd in Nanxiang Town on June 2 to restart an experimental project suspended for two months.

More than 80 percent of the company's employees have returned to work and 10 research and development projects are being accelerated.

The company is located in the Shanghai (Nanxiang) Precision Medicine Industrial Park, which is improving its assistance to companies in the park to press the "fast forward" button for the resumption of work and production.

"The park's startups need large amounts of investment," said general manager Wu Wenyu. "Most enterprises are likely to stop their development if they do not get financing within six months."

To this end, the park has set up a professional team to provide help for enterprise financing.

"We will not only customize each firm with its own plan, but also hold promotional activities in the second half of the year to help the startups better connect with capital. We are confident to the future development," Wu said.

12-point strategy for economic, social development post-pandemic

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