Gas station supports hydrogen-powered vehicles

Hu Min
Shanghai's first batch of hydrogen-powered cars was recently refueled at a gas station in Qingpu District.
Hu Min

A gas station in Qingpu District recently welcomed Shanghai's first batch of hydrogen-powered cabs and filled them with hydrogen energy.

In recent years, the hydrogen energy industry has advanced to a new level, with increased research and various application of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The first batch of 80 hydrogen-powered vehicles, all of which are ride-hailing vehicles, are primarily used around the Hongqiao airport.

They are charged at the Sinopec station by Huqingping Highway in Shanghai.

"It only takes a few minutes to fill up on hydrogen energy, and the station is close to the airport," said a cab driver surnamed Liu. "It's quite convenient."

"If there are more hydrogen energy stations in the future, I will consider replacing my gasoline car with a hydrogen vehicle," Liu added.

Sinopec's local branch has so far built three hydrogen energy filling stations in Shanghai. The one in Qingpu was opened last year.

They primarily serve trucks and can meet medium- and short-distance freight demand in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

In the future, the company will encourage the development of combined petrol and hydrogen stations in Qingpu to support low-carbon and environmentally friendly development. It is also hastening the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain.

Hydrogen is used in logistics and transportation as clean energy.

Compared to traditional fuel vehicles, hydrogen-powered vehicles produce less noise and emit no exhaust.

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