Public book houses in Minhang amount to 30

Yang Yang
Minhang District has added 15 new book houses, bringing the total number to 30. The public spaces feature unique design and aesthetics, while encouraging reading among residents.
Yang Yang

Construction of another batch of 15 urban book houses were completed in Minhang District in 2022, bringing the total number to 30. The spaces for reading now cover Minhang's 14 subdistricts, towns and industrial zone.

Beginning in 2017, Minhang initiated its project to build public reading spaces in residential areas, industrial parks, office buildings, shopping malls, green spaces, parks and squares to engage more people in reading.

The district selected suitable public spaces, then renovated them into unique reading spaces featuring coffee service, floral culture, science popularization and cultural innovation.

Public book houses in Minhang amount to 30
Ti Gong

The Qibao branch on Qibao Old Street gives a feeling of nostalgia.

"We've been strict with our site selection. The Zhuanqiao branch and Xingmei branch are adjacent to the Wu Yiren Art Museum and a school respectively. The Qibao branch is on Qibao Old Street. The Xinzhuang branch is inside a talent building and the Xindu branch is near the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation 8th Institute in Minhang," said an official with the Minhang cultural and tourism bureau.

The book houses also have their own unique designs. The Lianhua branch in Wujing Town features high technology, the Ruihe branch is noted for its Pujiang intangible cultural heritage items, and the Xinhong branch highlights its architecture-related reading materials.

In 2023, the district, while adding more public reading spaces, will also launch a variety of reading activities and recruit volunteers to operate the book houses through online and offline initiatives.

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