What's happening in Minhang District in February

Yang Yang
MInhang District now boasts 30 public community libraries, a relocation project to make way for two artificial lakes in Qianwan area also started this month, click to read more.
Yang Yang

Reading goes public

What's happening in Minhang District in February
Ti Gong

There are now a total of 30 public community libraries in Minhang, covering the district's 14 subdistricts, towns and industrial zone. It's the fruit of the district's project, launched in 2017, to build public reading spaces everywhere, such as residential areas, industrial parks, office buildings, shopping malls, green spaces, parks and squares, to get more people involved with reading.

Lake relocation project

What's happening in Minhang District in February
Ti Gong

An artist's rendition of Jiyue Lake, one of the two artificial lakes – Jiyue and Rainbow lakes – to be built in the Qianwan area. A relocation project to make way for the lakes started this month. About 1.31 square kilometers of land, from Jigao Road in the north, Fangle Road in the south, Lianyou Road in the west and Jidi Road in the east, will be cleared. Water of the lakes will be introduced from the surrounding Suzhou Creek to form a C-shape.

News in Brief:

Students' satellite

It's been half a year since Minhang District launched a satellite into space in August 2022 carrying the space dreams of students from the district's middle and primary schools. The satellite has been rotating around its orbit for 3,000 turns and has collected rich data on global factories, landfills, mines and oil and gas extraction sites for students to do surveys on carbon emission this year.

Hospitals back to normal

Hospitals in Minhang are resuming their normal operation as fever clinic and emergency cases caused by COVID-19 have dropped after the Spring Festival holiday. Take the Shanghai Fifth People's Hospital for example, since January 28, its normal clinic service has resumed to 87 percent of the pre-pandemic level, and its fever clinic visits have dropped to less than 30 patients per day.

Investment reception hall

Construction of an investment reception hall is in full swing in Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict. The reception hall, located near the crossing between Jianshe Road and Humin Road and inside a riverfront park along the Huangpu River, is expected to welcome clients in the second half of this year. It'll offer one-stop service on tax, sci-tech innovation and talent counseling, as well as government policy services on investment and construction.

Language museum

The Qiao Zhen Language Museum, a new cultural venue on the riverfront of Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict, has entered its interior decoration stage. Qiao, a celebrated dubbing artist and director of the Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio, selected the site in memory of his great grandfather, a country squire who made great contributions to public welfare causes in the old Minhang area. The museum, covering 836 square meters, will feature a number of reading events.

Psychological clinic

The Minhang Mental Health Center will offer psychological consultation services for minors at its Pudong branch (2500 Zhaihang Road) every Thursday morning, as a complement for the current services at Puxi branch (578 Shuying Road) on Friday afternoon, amid soaring demand for youth psychological care. The outpatient mental health service will cover all kinds of behavioral problems, neural-development, mood and psychiatric disorders, including study weariness, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, depression and early-stage schizophrenia.

Foreign-funded institutes

Minhang has made a good start in expanding its foreign-funded functional institutions: its Nexion Technology has been approved as a Shanghai multinational headquarters-type institution by the municipal commission of commerce, and five of its companies have been approved as foreign-funded research centers. They are: Shanghai Tofflon Top Science and Technology Co Ltd, Shanghai Hongene Biotech Corp, Shanghai Siemens High Voltage Switchgear Ltd, Miji Electronics and Appliance (Shanghai) Ltd and ENGEL Machinery (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

Minhang Weibo:

People now have free access to a new floor curling venue in Minhang. Construction of two standard floor curling tracks has been completed at the culture and sports center in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. The venue, at 745 Zhuansheng Road, will host the first floor curling competition in the summer.

Zhuanqiao Town now has 11 agencies that run long-term apartment rental services. They offer 4,242 rooms for 7,000 tenants. The town has been improving living conditions for its talent as a measure to optimize its business environment and serve its companies well.

The 2023 Shanghai Rolex Masters will see its schedule extended to 12 days from the previous one week. There will be 96 athletes in the main draw compared with 56 athletes previously. Swiss maestro Roger Federer, who retired last September, will turn up to meet fans during the event, according to the organizer.

Minhang Culture:

What's happening in Minhang District in February
Ti Gong

Minhang's Meilong Town used to boast quite a few eminent households in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. Two ancient tombs were discovered in the area in 1952 and 1958, respectively, with cultural relics such as epitaph stones, Taoism statues and screens, porcelain vases and coins unearthed. The relics are now preserved at Shanghai Museum.

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