District's biodiversity and wetland draw migratory birds

Hu Min
Qingpu's efforts to promote wetland restoration and biodiversity conservation are providing good living habitat for migratory birds.
Hu Min

This winter, more migratory birds have been drawn to Qingpu District because of the area’s steadily improving ecological environment over the years.

The theme of this year’s World Wetlands Day, which fell on February 2, was Wetland Rehabilitation.

The district’s improving ecological environment is providing good reproduction and living space for birds as a result of Qingpu’s efforts to promote wetland restoration and biodiversity conservation.

More than 1,000 migratory birds recently flew over Qingxi Country Park. They can be seen at the park and nearby wetlands, ponds and lakes between November and March, painting a picture of the peaceful coexistence of people and nature.

District's biodiversity and wetland draw migratory birds
Gao Xiaoguang

Flocks of migratory birds are seen in Qingpu.

A few hundred black-headed gulls can be seen flying or foraging near the park. And this winter, about 100 cormorants joined the migratory bird team for the first time. They are either fishing or swimming in the water.

“Black-headed gulls are frequent visitors to the park, but cormorants are newcomers,” said Lu Wenzhong, a park expert.

“In addition to them, more than 10 bird species can be seen here, including grey herons, great egrets and night herons,” Lu added.

Excellent water quality at the Dalian Lake wetland in the park allows for the survival and reproduction of a wide variety of animal and plant species.

Also, the abundance of fish and shrimp in the area feeds migrating birds, giving them a safe and comfortable environment.

“There are many fishponds here, and the small fish and shrimp in the fishponds are popular food for migratory birds because their migration requires a lot of food,” Lu explained.

Qingpu places a high premium on green development.

The district has two frog habitats in Zhujiajiao and Dalian Lake and an ecological wetland in Liantang Town.

With restored ecology, improved water quality and foliage plants along lake banks, ecological projects in the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone has become a beautiful water garden.

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