Historic relocation of century-old complex

Li Qian
A Valentine's vibe, historic relocations, and plum blossom are among the few events and activities ongoing in Jing'an.
Li Qian
Historic relocation of century-old complex

Moving historic buildings

About 20 historic buildings in century-old Zhangyuan are being moved to new locations to make way for a massive underground project in one of Shanghai’s best-preserved and most diverse shikumen lane-house compounds.

Zhangyuan, or Zhang’s Garden, was established in 1885 as China’s first modern pleasure garden by wealthy Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Shuhe. However, it eventually degenerated into a neighborhood of dilapidated houses.

The plan to restore Zhangyuan’s former glory was announced in 2018, and the majority of the historical structures have been well preserved.

Its western section reopened in November after undergoing renovations. Now is the time to give the eastern section a facelift, highlighted by the massive temporary relocation of historical buildings. It is scheduled to open in 2026.

Historic relocation of century-old complex

Valentine’s vibe

On Valentine’s Day, seven big bamboo and floral art works were put up on Maoming Road.

The stretch between Wujiang and Weihai roads has been a weekend-only pedestrian street since last September. Different cultural events are staged every weekend.

“Love is just love,” a two-day exhibition that opened on February 11, is about traditional Chinese romance, which is considered quiet and poetic.

Historic relocation of century-old complex

Ferris Wheel fair

A pop-up fair has begun in the vicinity of the iconic Ferris Wheel, which is located atop the Joy City shopping mall.

Around the 56-meter-diameter, 98-meter-high Sky Ring Ferris Wheel, nearly 20 stalls selling flowers, DIY accessories and other products have been set up. Fancy restaurants and Instagrammable locations offer outdoor dining.

“My child enjoys it. We used to believe that a shopping mall was only a place for us to go. This fair is amazing,” a customer surnamed Wang said.

Historic relocation of century-old complex

Corner garden

An enclosed backyard near the Longtan residential complex at the intersection of Pingli and Lingshi roads has been turned into a beautiful garden and popular hangout for locals.

The area was once walled in and blocked the sidewalk. Following the removal of the walls, a variety of plants, including crevice alumroot, carpet sedum and hemp-agrimony, were planted and arranged in vertical green displays and flower clusters. Light displays, benches, and walk paths were also added.

Historic relocation of century-old complex

Elderly-friendly community canteen

A community canteen in Shanghai’s Pengpu Xincun Subdistrict has been voted one of the top 10 elderly-friendly canteens in the city.

Nearly half the residents in the community are over the age of 60, and so, five community canteens were built to provide them with a balanced diet at low prices. The Pengsan canteen recently received an official certificate in recognition of its efforts.

Because low-sugar, low-salt and low-oil diets are recommended for seniors, the chefs adapted the recipes to provide elderly-friendly meals. Those suffering from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can order personalized diets.

There are meat, aquatic products, bean products, poultry and vegetables available on a daily basis.

The dishes are divided into three categories and served on different colored plates. Elders should eat a “green dish” at every meal, a “yellow dish” once a day and a “red dish” once a week. A red plate is served with foods that are high in fat and cholesterol.

Elders can use a dining card to pay for meals, and then scan the card again to see how many calories, fat, protein and other nutrients they consumed.

Historic relocation of century-old complex

Plum blossom

Plum flowers have bloomed in Jing’an Sculpture Park, attracting residents and photographers.

The park has over 300 plum trees of nearly 100 species. It is one of the most popular places to see plum blossoms in downtown Shanghai.

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