What's happening in Minhang District in March

Yang Yang
Join in the Chuncheon Arts Festival and take a look at a silk gauze garment on display at Minhang Museum.
Yang Yang

Korean arts fiesta offers spring fun

What's happening in Minhang District in March
Dong Jun / SHINE

The Chuncheon Arts Festival has kicked off at the Seoul Market in Minhang District, offering new options for festival celebrations, handcrafts, art performances, a night market and live music shows for trendy young people. The festival will run through June 18.

49-gram garment on show

What's happening in Minhang District in March
Dong Jun / SHINE

A silk gauze garment on display at Minhang Museum attracts hordes of visitors. The 49-gram garment, the lightest of its kind in the world dating back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 25) over 2,000 years ago, is one of the 138 sets of cultural relics unearthed from the famous Mawangdui archeological site now on show in Minhang District. Besides the garment, other exhibits include dressing boxes, wooden figurines, silk manuscripts, paintings and even food such as waxberries and a millet cake discovered at the site, as well as a four-layer colorful coffin for nobles in the Western Han Dynasty. The "Han Infinity" exhibition will run through May 3. It's free but reservations are required.

News in Brief

Hongqiao hub leads area

The Hongqiao International Hub for Opening-up, which encompasses the entire Minhang District, is responsible for approximately 10 percent of Shanghai and its neighboring provinces' total economies, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui, despite occupying less than 2 percent of the regional area at around 7,000 square kilometers. Its regional gross domestic product has increased from 2.3 trillion yuan (US$333 billion) in 2020 to 2.69 trillion yuan in 2022.

Gym health facilities

A seniorS' sports center at 450 Husong Highway in Qibao Town, while adapting its gym facilities to a senior-friendly setting, has been introducing health monitoring equipment to safeguard blood pressure for seniors before and after they perform exercises.

Metro station construction

Land for future subway stations of Metro Line 23 – the Zizhu High-tech Zone, Hujin Highway, Zilong Road and Mojiang Road stations – have been vacated for construction. The four stations are among the nine Metro stations of Line 23 that will stop in Wujing Town. Construction of the Mojiang Road station has already started.

Logos for rice cakes

Zhuanqiao Town is soliciting commercial logo designs for packaging its bucket steamed rice cakes. The Zhuanqiao bucket steamed rice cake, a popular snack in Minhang, was listed as Shanghai's intangible cultural heritage in 2015. The deadline for submission ends on May 15, and selection of works will last from May 16 to June 15. Finalist works will account for 10 percent of the entries.

Salutes for companies

Xinzhuang Industrial Park recognized its 134 companies and 24 entrepreneurs on February 28 for their outstanding performances in 2022. Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Commercial Co won the 2022 outstanding contribution award for a record tax payment exceeding 1 billion yuan (US$145 million). Daikin Air-Conditioning (Shanghai) Co was among the group of excellent contributor companies whose tax payment in 2022 exceeded 100 million yuan. Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corp won a 2022 best growth award for an annual tax payment increase by more than 100 percent.

Writer's new book

Ye Xin, a renowned writer and playwright, and a former resident of Minhang, released his latest book "Late Autumn Romance" at the district's Haipai Museum on February 28. The fiction depicts a rekindled love story between two middle-aged individuals and also delves into the lives of a group of young people who leave and return to a big city, as well as their experiences abroad. "Educated Youth," an early work of Ye's, was adapted into a TV drama in 1995.

Huainan produces

An exhibition and sales center of agriculture products from Huainan City of east China's Anhui Province opened to the public recently at 573 Guanghua Road in Zhuanqiao Town. More than 2,000 items are on display. Among them are the Huainan beef broth, Bagongshan Mountain tofu, which is believed to be the origin of tofu in China, and Guqiao vinegar, a famous vinegar brand that mixes sour, sweet, fragrant, spicy and salted flavors into one. Minhang and Huainan formed a strategic cooperation framework in 2020.

Minhang Today

A former parking lot in the northwest corner of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Minhang campus has been opened as an 11,000-square-meter public greenery space.

Three restaurants in Minhang – Ming Court, Yiguhui and Zhoushe Classic Shanghai Cuisine – have been added to the one-star restaurant list of the 2023 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide released by Meituan, an e-commerce platform in China. The guide evaluates selected restaurants based on culinary output, service environment and legacy innovation.

A bamboo shoots research and production base in Pujiang Town is able to yield 1,500-2,500 kilograms of organic bamboo shoots daily. The bamboo shoots, introduced from Ningbo of neighboring Zhejiang Province and then modified, are supplying not only the Shanghai wet markets, but markets in major Yangtze River Delta cities.

Minhang Culture

What's happening in Minhang District in March
Ti Gong

Ye Zonghang, a talented water-control expert in Minhang in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), saved Shanghai from floods by suggesting combining the estuaries of the Huangpu and Suzhou rivers (now the Bund area). The Huangpu River curved at almost a right angle in its Minhang section after Ye's water control project. It is called the Pujiang First Bay today. With the Huangpu River, Jinhui River and two tributaries of the Dazhi River converging at one point, the bay is also nicknamed the "Water Pentagram."

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