Jiading influencer opens a bookshop in Shanghai Tower

Shi Jingyun
A social media influencer in Jiading District with 60 million followers has opened a bookstore, Hunzhi Books, in Shanghai Tower.
Shi Jingyun

Hunzhi, a social media influencer in Jiading District with 60 million followers, has opened the first offline store, Hunzhi Books, in Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest skyscraper.

Chen Lei, the store owner’s real name, used to be an auto designer in Jiading. In 2013, he began drawing historical stories by hand on his own WeChat official account “Hunziyue.”

He later resigned and concentrated on explaining difficult knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner to popularize science and culture.

Jiading influencer opens a bookshop in Shanghai Tower
Xi Rou

Hunzhi Books at Shanghai Tower

Hunzhi Books occupies nearly 2,000 square meters in the underground space at Shanghai Tower. Cartoons created by Hunzhi can be found there and can help readers understand a concept in 30 seconds.

“We are a team dedicated to spreading knowledge,” Chen said, adding that the bookstore’s opening was another watershed moment for Hunzhi. “This means that we can spread knowledge in a variety of ways, from online to offline.”

Instead of traditional book classification, the Hunzhi team recommends books from the perspective of problem solving.

The bookstore has many distinguishing features. Visitors to the creative experience zone can learn about the Hunzhi team’s cartoon creation process.

Readers can design their own avatar and print the pattern on cultural and creative products to create a one-of-a-kind gift at the “Hunzhi Universe” section.

The knowledge-sharing flash zone will collaborate with authors and platforms from various fields to provide visitors with interesting and inspiring cultural exchange and display.

The bookstore’s Hunzhi Theater, Hunzhi Coffee and Hunzhi Bar highlight the vitality and creativity of this new bookstore.

Postcards, enamel cups and paintings with distinctive Jiading characteristics can be found in the store.

Chen has high hopes for the future. “I will do everything in my power to make Hunzhi Books a highlight of Shanghai Tower,” he said. “And I hope it becomes a name card of Shanghai in the future.”

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