Events, upgrades and exhibitions across Minhang District

A number of events, upgrades and exhibitions have kicked off across Shanghai's Minghang District with everything from art, science and enhanced elder care.

Zhaojialou revival

Events, upgrades and exhibitions across Minhang District
Ti Gong

Zhaojialou Ancient Town, where Shanghai's agriculture originated, recently launched a renovation project that is expected to last for a minimum of three years. When completed, the town is expected to become another trendy landmark commercial hub that emerged from urban renewal, similar to Xintiandi in downtown Shanghai, and celebrated for its Jiangnan-style watertown landscape.

They're racing!

Events, upgrades and exhibitions across Minhang District
Ti Gong

Runners sprint out from the starting line as the 2023 Shanghai Maqiao Half Marathon kicked off at the Qizhong Tennis Center in Minhang District on April 15, attracting 3,500 participants from across the country. Li Enji won the men's championship with a performance of 1:10:25, while Pan Hong won the women's title with a result of 1:21:11. The race was equipped with pace-setters who reminded the runners through their watches to keep their pace steady.

News in Brief

Science promotion

The Science Popularization Park in Minhang District's Gumei Subdistrict recently put 3D paintings on its trees, with a "Little Squirrel" curiously peeking out of a tree hole, and a "Little Bird" perching on a branch. The campaign is aimed at introducing more species to residents so they can learn while strolling through the park. Meanwhile, the 2023 Shanghai Rowing Series, Gumei Campus Youth Biathlon and Parent-Child Biathlon recently kicked off at the park, attracting nearly 500 participants. On-site 30 intellectually challenged, hearing-impaired and autistic children and 20 primary and secondary school students participated in the competition. The children experienced the joy of sports on land-based rowing machines.

Nanhui watermelons

The first batch of Nanhui 8424 watermelons have entered the Minhang market, with an average price at around 24 yuan (US$3.5) to 25 yuan per kilogram, according to supermarkets and online platforms such as Freshippo, Dingdong and Meituan. As production gradually increases, prices are expected to drop accordingly. The Nanhui watermelon is a well-known agriculture brand in Shanghai. It is famous for its rich sugar content, as Nanhui, its production area, is surrounded by water on three sides, with large temperature gap between day and night, high humidity in the air and a saline-alkali land type.

First FMT center

The first Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Medical Center in China was launched in the New Hongqiao International Medical Center in Minhang. FMT treatment involves transplanting healthy fecal microbiota from healthy donors into a patient's body to rebuild their gut bacteria, and has become a new treatment strategy for refractory intestinal, neurodegenerative and immune-related diseases.

CCB banking deal

The China Construction Bank will offer customized financial services to companies and institutions in the Grand NeoBay area in Minhang, a strategic cooperation signing ceremony between the bank and the area's management commission revealed. According to the agreement, the Shanghai branch of CCB will cooperate deeper and more comprehensively with Minhang to promote regional economic development. Currently, the area has built more than 18 high-level science and technology innovation platforms, with over 3,000 hard-tech companies settled there.

More elder care

The Minhang District Aging Commission announced the district will rebuild over 180 cognitive impairment caring beds, renovate 800 households for the elderly, add five comprehensive community service centers for seniors, as well as set up four smart nursing homes, eight daycare centers, 14 neighborhood elderly service stations and two rural elderly care homes to improve the level of elderly care services this year. As of the end of 2022, the number of registered elderly residents aged 60 and above in Minhang reached 402,700, accounting for 31.79 percent of the total registered population.

Commercial complex

The Ping Jin Center, a commercial complex covering 12,000 square meters, has been completed in the Xinzhuang Business District of Minhang. It is expected to be open to the public by the end of the year. It can be accessed by Metro Line 12 at Qixin Road Station.

An exhibition is on show at the Shanghai Powerlong Museum depicting the ups and downs of Western art from the 16th century to the 20th century while presenting a panoramic view from the grand "divine realm" to the luxurious "palace" and back to the ordinary "human world." The exhibition will run until July 23.

The Jinjiang Amusement Park has launched a neon light festival, combining traditional Chinese elements with modern neon lights to create a stunning visual feast. The Jinjiang Night Fair has also opened, offering over 200 food choices at more than 50 booths.

"The Bus Stop on the Top of a Mountain," a rural art education exhibition, is being held at Deqiu Lixianggu Cultural and Creative Park. It presents the art education scenario of a rural campus, featuring blackboard notes, radio station soundtracks and children's paintings created on old cotton cloths.

Ancient Yingdou Lake

Events, upgrades and exhibitions across Minhang District

During the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), the lake spanned from Yutang Lake in the north to the Huangpu River in the south, covering an area of approximately 2 square kilometers. However, by the early 16th century, the lake had significantly shrunk. In September 1965, archeologists unearthed eight tombs dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in the area. Among the artifacts discovered were homespun cloths and porcelain items.

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