Have fun in Songjiang: exhibitions, museums, and fashion festival

Here are some of the exhibitions, museums, markets and parks that people can go to for fun.
Have fun in Songjiang: exhibitions, museums, and fashion festival

Students' fashion show

The "New Youth Art Festival – Fashion Edition: Blooming 2023 Shanghai Visual Arts College's Fashion Design School Excellent Works Exhibition" recently opens at the Yunjian Hall Art Center, presenting young people's understanding and interpretation of Jiangnan (areas south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) culture through a variety of colorful designs and works. More than 200 pieces (sets) of works by both teachers and students from the majors of arts and crafts, fashion design and performance (fashion performance and promotion) are showcased.

Date: Through June 19

Address: No. 69, Lane 6, Renmin Rd S.


Free visit to art museum

The Qiyuge Art Museum in Xinqiao Town offers visitors a free visit every Friday. There are over 3,000 collection pieces, covering various categories such as jade, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, and antique furniture. The art museum has nine halls and two auditoriums, and has opened a "red"-themed exhibition space, which houses collections of figurines of great men and their glazed sculptures, among others.

Address: No. 10, Lane 208, Yindu Rd W.


'First telescope in the Far East'

The Shanghai Astronomy Museum, which reopened after renovation, displays the "first telescope in the Far East" – a 40-centimeter caliber binocular refracting telescope that is 123 years old. The museum also has exhibition halls including a century-old observatory, octagonal cloister and celestial chart room.

Address: 9258 Waiqingsong Rd


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