Songjiang hosts 3 exhibitions: fabric art, women's work, and landscapes

Tan Weiyun
Three exhibitions featuring fabric art, female artists' work and landscape are underway in Songjiang.
Tan Weiyun
Songjiang hosts 3 exhibitions: fabric art, women's work, and landscapes
Ti Gong

A Songjiang-style printmaking work on show at the exhibition.

Centennial fabric art legend

The Second Ferry Culture and Art Exhibition, titled "Centennial Fabric Art Legend," is being held at the Chedun Town Printmaking Art Museum. The exhibition features silk screen printing, Shanghai-style paper cuttings, calligraphy and seal cutting. It shows the ancient and modern changes of the rice trading history, ferry culture in the town and the textile culture in the south of the Yangtze River.

Dates: Tuesdays-Saturdays, 9am-3pm

Venue: Chedun Town Printmaking Art Museum

Address: No. 761, Dongmen Village, Huayang Old Street


Female artists' works

Female Artists' Works Exhibition opens at the Shanghai Xianhe Art Museum. More than 10 female painters showcase over 50 works, including oil paintings, ink wash, watercolor, printmaking and many others. They show women's keen observation, sensitivity and aesthetic qualities, focusing on inner world and self expression.

Dates: Through September 12

Venue: Xianhe Art Museum

Address: 150 Gulang Rd


'Forever July'

The exhibition "Forever July" is being held at the Huating Art Space. Different artistic forms and diverse styles showcase the landscape of Songjiang, and display its people's love for life and pursuit of art.

Dates: Through August 30

Venue: Huating Art Space

Address: 1626 Renmin Rd N.


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