Summer festivities make a grand comeback along historic Humin Road

Yang Yang
The historic Humin Road is back with its annual summer festivity with its sprinkler parade, beer festival, and display of intricate paper-cutting works.
Yang Yang

The century-old Humin Road in Minhang District connects the Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict after passing through the towns of Meilong, Xinzhuang and Zhuanqiao. The historic road is providing its seasonal summer entertainment with its sprinkler parade, beer festival and exhibition of delicate paper-cutting works.

Jinjiang Amusement Park's water festival

The Jinjiang Amusement Park is the last significant tourist destination in Minhang District before Humin Road extends into the neighboring Xuhui District.

The locals ride its large Ferris wheel, which is at a height of 108 meters, to celebrate the arrival of each New Year.

While the Ferris wheel glows with dazzling neon lights at night, the park is now holding a water festival every day at sundown until August 31.

The sound of splashing water relieves the summer heat. Put on your raincoat, load the water pistol, and get ready for a water fight that will thrill you.

Summer festivities make a grand comeback along historic Humin Road
Zhang Ling / Ti Gong

Tourists have fun at Jinjiang Amusement Park's water festival.

Date: Through August 31, 5:30-6:30pm

Venue: Jinjiang Amusement Park

Address: 201 Hongmei Rd


The beer festival at Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall

The opening of the Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall in June 1995 was a milestone in the commercial annals of Minhang. Prior to that, the district lacked a high-end shopping venue, and residents had to travel to Xuhui to make their purchases.

The shopping center is now collaborating with Budweiser on a summer beer festival that includes pop-up events promoting brand products, concerts and snacks.

On the menu are a variety of snacks, including oyster omelet from Taiwan, shrimp paste from Hong Kong, South Korean iced fruit tea, roasted mutton rib from New Zealand, Japanese-flavored chicken barbecue, and the famous Zibo barbecue from Shandong Province.

They are served with a barley-scented brew that is served cold.

Visitors can partake in various competitions such as arm wrestling.

Summer festivities make a grand comeback along historic Humin Road
Ti Gong

The beer festival at Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall

Date: Through August 31, 4-11pm

Venue: Bailian Nanfang Shopping Mall

Address: 7388 Humin Rd


Paper-cutting exhibition on Guanghua Road

Ding Liren, a 94-year-old Chinese folk artist, is exhibiting his paper cuttings until August 31 at the Meon Art Center on Guanghua Road in Zhuangqiao Town.

Ding is also holding online and offline lectures on contemporary paper-cutting expression and creation in an effort to attract the young generation.

Zhuanqiao is renowned for its paper-cutting tradition, which dates back to the early 1930s. In 2009, Shanghai listed paper cutting as an intangible cultural heritage item of the city.

In recent years, domestic and international cultural exchanges, competitions, seminars and art exhibitions have promoted local paper cutting.

The Guanghua Road block, converted from an old industrial zone, is now an art and creative park that's popular with local art lovers.

Summer festivities make a grand comeback along historic Humin Road
Ti Gong

Paper-cutting works by Ding Liren

Date: Through August 31

Venue: Meou Art Center

Address: Bldg A, 128 Guanghua Rd


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