Art gallery opens in Songjiang countryside

Tan Weiyun
Zhuqiao Art Gallery, Songjiang's first professional art museum, opened in Zhuqiao Village, Shihudang Town.
Tan Weiyun
Art gallery opens in Songjiang countryside

A visitor captures a photo of an art work at Zhuqiao Art Gallery.

The first professional art museum in Songjiang's countryside, Zhuqiao Art Gallery, opened in Zhuqiao Village, Shihudang Town.

Surrounded by rivers on all sides, the village exudes an idyllic charm. With 63 hectares of ecological conservation forests and 14 meandering waterways weaving through the village, it's a haven of old trees, birds, white walls and tile-roofed houses, which has inspired artists, calligraphers, sculptors and writers.

"The artists love the Zhuqiao Village setting and are keen to establish themselves here for their artistic creativity," said Jiang Zheng, director of Zhuqiao Art Gallery. "At the same time, villagers enjoy the artists' works as well."

In the gallery's inaugural show, Zhang Ming's works explore nature, ecology and human living conditions.

It features paintings inspired by rural landscapes on Songjiang's southern Huangpu River bank. Ancient streets, alleys, crumbling walls and old trees in courtyards are his subjects. Seemingly chaotic scenes instantly gain clarity, radiating a vibrant vitality with his brush strokes.

"Who would have believed there'd be such a lovely art museum in the village?" exclaimed local villager Miao Miao. "We usually go to the city for exhibitions. Now we have a chic art museum at our doorstep."

The gallery has become more than just a platform for artistic expression as Zhuqiao Village's dynamic art community grows. It has become a cultural hub that fosters community and allows residents of all ages to enjoy the arts.

"It's not just for the artists or the elite; it's for everyone," said another villager, Gu Ming. "We hope the gallery continues to host diverse and thought-provoking exhibitions, bringing high-quality art and culture closer to us."

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