Shanghai fashion round-up

Tan Weiyun
Big names like Hunkemöller, Swatch, Anirac and Pomellato are all making moves in the city's style scene. Here's a look at what's trending now.
Tan Weiyun


Shanghai fashion round-up
Ti Gong

Hunkemöller's opening party at its first flagship store in Shanghai.

The Europe’s leading fashion lingerie brand Hunkemöller recently announced the grand opening of its flagship store at Shanghai Century Link Mall.

"We always knew that the China market is very different," said Chief Executive Officer Philip Mountford, "so we adapted and tested quickly to ensure the brand fits into the market environment and optimizes the consumer journey both online and offline to fulfill the diverse lingerie demands of our Chinese SHERO (SHE HERO)."

Last month, Hunkemöller launched its online shopping channel Tmall Classic.

As a newcomer to the market, the European fashion lingerie brand did its homework before its China entry. It surveyed about 2,000 Chinese women on their favorite styles, fits, sizes and colors. 

“We do this research not only in the Chinese market. In every market, we keep about 65 percent of our collections, and 35 percent is what we have to change for localization,” Mountford said.

By talking to Chinese SHERO, Hunkemöller features design-led products ranging from its basic collection “Always Sexy” to new designer collections every month. The latest collection “Doutzen Stories,” inspired by brand ambassador and supermodel Doutzen Kroes, will soon come to China.

Moreover, Hunkemöller has other diverse product lines for its Chinese SHERO, including its private collection, sportswear HKMX, nightwear and swimwear.

“Chinese consumers prefer high-quality products with appealing prices,” the CEO said. “Hunkemöller wants to bring its world-class service and professional specialists, so to offer passionate service and high-quality products in an inspiring and fun environment.”


Shanghai fashion round-up
Ti Gong

Swatch FLYMAGIC collection 

The Swiss watchmaker Swatch unveiled three different limited editions of its No. 8 Swatch FLYMAGIC recently at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel flagship store in Shanghai.

The new series is the first model to integrate the Nivachron balance spring, made from a newly developed titanium-based alloy with non-magnetic properties. The Nivachron balance spring reduces the detrimental influence of a magnetic field by a factor over 10, depending on the type of movement, ensuring far more accurate timekeeping.

This 100 percent Swiss-made component also offers effective resistance to changes in temperature and possesses shock resistance, contributing to a significant improvement in chronometric performance.

The new balance spring, finely finished modules and skeletonized gear train all appear on the face of the watch – easily visible through the automatic movement’s transparent rotor. There’s another Swatch first here, too – the seconds hand runs backwards.

Swatch FLYMAGIC made its debut this February in Biel, Switzerland. In May, it was launched in China at Beijing SKP. This time, Swatch selected three limited-edition No. "8" FLYMAGIC watches to launch at the brand’s Shanghai flagship store. 


Shanghai fashion round-up
Ti Gong

Anirac 2020 Spring/Summer collection

Fashion brand Anirac, founded by Hong Kong actress Carina Lau, has launched its new 2020 spring/summer collection, which highlights women’s self-confidence, independence and simplicity with clean-cut and soft natural fibers.

Inspired by German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch (1940-2009), the collection's theme is “Being More Charming Self,” calling Anirac women to express their personality through empowering styles and colors.

An elegantly tailored suit is highlighted with a bold shoulder line, adding a touch of defiance to the whole look, while the rough selvedge designed intentionally cleverly balances some of the emotional restrictions of the formal wear.

Light silk is used in the series to show women’s soft, mild side and colors from warm earth tones to refreshing greenery and bold, bright wine-red suggest the versatility an Anirac lady possesses.

Like free-styled modern dance, Anirac 2020 spring/summer series tries to deliver the message of freedom, independence and being true to self.

The A-list actress Lau made her foray into fashion with Anirac four years ago to share her style and sensibility towards life through its clean and minimalist designs. In 2016, the fashion brand opened four physical stores in Lane Crawford, and one year later its online shopping channel was launched.


Shanghai fashion round-up
Ti Gong

Pomellato NUDO Collection necklace and rings

Italian jewelry brand Pomellato recently celebrated the grand opening of a new boutique at Shanghai International Financial Center.

The interior design of the new Pomellato boutique has infused Milanese flair with a blend of Italian artisanal culture, showcasing craftsmanship and colored gems with a touch of contemporary art.

“Drawing inspirations from prêt-à-porter concept, Pomellato revolutionized the conservative jewelry world with exquisite Italian craftsmanship and unconventional, colorful designs, redefining individuality and self-expression that allows women an element of freedom,” said Sabina Belli, Pomellato Group CEO.

Established in Milan in 1967, Pomellato was the first brand to introduce the prêt-à-porter vision into the world of jewelry. Crafted by the hands of expert goldsmiths, the brand stands out for its unique design and colorful gems through innovative stone cutting and setting techniques.

“Pomellato is chosen by a community of women who are successful, accomplished at work, strong, powerful and beautiful and love to wear our jewels in their contemporary and stylish way,” Belli said.

About 85 percent of its purchases are done by women for themselves – with their own money as a reward, a personal gift or a self-celebration. At the time when Pomellato was established in the late 1960s, the roles of women were starting to change radically. They were becoming more independent and self-confident, carving out new roles in society.

“Pomellato has always been on the side of women over the years,” the CEO said. “It was a pioneer and today this vision is stronger than ever. We want to preserve our history, our DNA, and renew it constantly with a contemporary spirit.” 

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