Beauty fair features latest cosmetic and skincare trends

Tan Weiyun
A recent beauty fair in Shanghai served as a platform for leading cosmetics and skincare companies to introduce their latest products.
Tan Weiyun
Beauty fair features latest cosmetic and skincare trends
Ti Gong

Sephora, one of the world’s leading beauty retailers, recently released its 2021 spring/summer beauty trends at a beauty fair last week in Shanghai with six new makeup looks. The fair attracted more than 180 new seasonal products from over 50 global brands.

The six beauty looks incorporate bright colors to echo the coming warm seasons, drawing inspiration from nature's flora and fauna. Sephora presented the new looks in an artistic fashion, featuring a performance by Chinese contemporary dancers that offered the audience a mysteriously futuristic visual feast.

“The concept is derived from our insights into the younger generation’s growing interest in art," said Maggie Chan, managing director of fashion powerhouse LVMH-Sephora China. "Sephora along with Chinese contemporary artists interpreted this season’s beauty trends, evidence that Sephora is staying true to its brand essence — innovation. In the future, we will continue to  break boundaries for Chinese consumers to explore their individual power of beauty.”

Since establishing a presence in the Chinese market, Sephora has frequently updated its brand and product matrix to cater to local beauty lovers’ evolving demands with more personalized beauty choices.

The China-grown skincare and cosmetic brand INOHERB, which features natural ingredients extracted from oriental herbs and flowers in its products, unveiled its high-end Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) line at the fair, displaying some of its new products based on traditional Chinese beauty prescriptions — such as the “peach flower” recipe of Princess Taiping (AD 665-713) and the “herbal Leonurus” formula of Empress Wu Zetian (AD 624-705).

In the interactive areas, visitors had first-hand experiences with the latest beauty products via professional beauty services, including a real-time check on the health status of one's hair with the new scalp detector from Sephora’s new exclusive brand SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL; the indulgence of the Chloé’s Flower Workshop fragrance collection; and a kiss with Guerlain’s latest lipsticks.

CHA LING, a luxury skincare brand incubated by the LVMH Group, set up a mini spa that provided decadent facial treatments. MAOGEPING·LIGHT launched its fresh UV primer, uncovering the secret of a natural dewy complexion, while LOEWE curated a fragrance wall with perfume bottles in a rainbow palette, exhibiting the alluring glamour of niche perfumes.

“The biannual Sephora Day is a platform for us to initiate conversations with the public," said Laurent Boillot, CHA LING’s founder and chief executive officer. "With its support, we have created deeper connections with consumers, enabling them to understand and welcome us into their lives.” 

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