April fashion in Shanghai: new products, ambassador and desserts

Tan Weiyun
Aesop's new perfume, Burberry new brand ambassador, Michelin-starred chef's new creation, and Mighty Jaxx's new incense chamber – April in the city is full of good vibes.
Tan Weiyun

New products released, new ambassador announced, new desserts created, and new quarter to come. April in Shanghai is full of good vibes together with fashion events.


The skin and body care brand has recently launched its Eidesis Eau de Parfum, a new scent in the Othertopias fragrance collection.

It opens with rousing top notes of sparkling petitgrain, spicy black pepper and a subtle floral accord, leading to a resinous, spicy heart of grankincense, cumin and cedar, before resting into a base of sumptuous sandalwood, cedar and earthy, green vetiver.

Drawing on the myth of Narcissus and Echo with the struggle between the inner and outer selves, Eidesis takes the wearer to the edge of a pond, peering into its reflective surface. Its aroma is provocative yet comforting, seductive yet distinctly unconventional.

April fashion in Shanghai: new products, ambassador and desserts
Ti Gong


Burberry has announced Chinese actor Chen Kun as its brand ambassador. The announcement portraits were captured in a mangrove conservation and restoration area in the coastal Hainan Province.

Burberry and Chen went outdoors to pay tribute to nature and encourage ecological protection. As one of Burberry's Hainan restoration and conservation programs, the Mangrove program builds on the luxury brand's commitment to supporting global conservation efforts by protecting and restoring nature.

The three-year ecological conservation program is in partnership with Hainan Reform and Development Research Foundation with the support of Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development, the Education Department of Hainan Province and the Forestry Department of Hainan Province.

It focuses on restoring ecosystems in key areas across the province and preserving the island's renowned tropical forestry, mangrove ecosystems and biodiverse habitats.

April fashion in Shanghai: new products, ambassador and desserts
Courtesy of Burberry / Ti Gong

Chen Kun in Burberry

Elle & Vire Professionnel

Elle & Vire Professionnel, a leading global dairy brand, hosted the "Paths of Excellence" party in Shanghai recently in partnership with Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire.

The event showcased a fusion of Eastern and Western flavors, inspired by the culture and spirit of Chinese tea. Chef Gagnaire combined a range of Chinese tea with the signature cream to create six unique desserts.

"Not many Chinese tea ingredients are used in French cuisine, so we creatively combined four types of Chinese tea with French cream this time to present a rich and diverse path of excellence for everyone, which made me very satisfied," said Pierre Gagnaire. "We used this Elle & Vire Professionnel Excellence Whipping Cream from Normandy in all our recipes, which boosted a rich and unique dairy taste, a remarkable whipping rate, an exceptional hold, as well as a smooth and melting texture – all of which make it an excellent flavor base for dessert making that is irreplaceable."

April fashion in Shanghai: new products, ambassador and desserts

Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire (second from left) and Denis Vergneau, general Manager of Sinodis, at the party.

Mighty Jaxx

Future culture platform Mighty Jaxx has launched its incense chamber "traveler" designed by Chinese street artist Fansack (Pang Fan).

The artist's iconic monkey shows strong Eastern aesthetics with ceramic-based art in this incense chamber. Donning a spacesuit, it represents humanity's instinctive yearning to explore the unknown – the depths of space itself.

Detailed and exquisitely crafted, the red glaze on its face contrasts with the finishing on the rest of its body. Yet, the two distinct styles fuse to tell the story of craftsmanship's iterative evolution through the centuries.

Founded in 2012, the integrated future culture platform Mighty Jaxx designs and produces digital and phygital collectibles in partnership with great talents around the world, as well as global brands such as Netflix, Formula 1, Warner Brothers, Adidas and more. It ships millions of phygital collectibles to over 80 countries worldwide yearly.

April fashion in Shanghai: new products, ambassador and desserts
Ti Gong

"Traveler" by Mighty Jaxx X Fansack.

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