Explore the charm and romances of the West Lake

Wu Huixin
Authorities want to better honor the iconic water system and its distinctive cultures on the day that is already the anniversary date of its World Heritage listing.
Wu Huixin

To better honor its iconic West Lake, Hangzhou government has designated June 24 as West Lake Day in commemoration of the anniversary of its inclusion on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

This year's June 24 marked the 11th anniversary of West Lake's listing, and the local government aims to help spread the word about its distinctive cultures.

Hangzhou government also launched a promotional video, "The Romances of Love at the West Lake," on June 24.

It invited Naty from America and Nicolas from France to experience the lake, including various facets ranging from its legendary and traditional gardens to the culture and gorgeous landscapes. Both of them found their true love in China and are living in Hangzhou now. The pair introduce the lake through their views.

A video of the archeological ruins of Liangzhu will air on July 6.

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