Science expo to showcase latest in tech

Ke Jiayun
City's 5th Popular Science Products Expo, which will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center between August 24 and 27 with more than 350 exhibitors bringing over 3,500 products.
Ke Jiayun

The 5th Popular Science Products Expo will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center between August 24 and 27. The event is organized by the China Beidou Technology Innovation West Hongqiao Park. 

More than 350 science and technology companies, science parks, scientific research institutions and universities from over ten countries and regions will take part in the event, which will showcase their latest technologies and products. The awards ceremony of the China portion of Robotex International, an annual robotics competition, will take place at the exhibition as well.

According to Liang Zhaozheng, deputy head of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, the upcoming exhibition will highlight developments in fields such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and science education.

Liang also described the exhibition as a prelude to the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, to be hosted in Shanghai between September 17 and 19.

The event will showcase a range of consumer products, such as the Mile 1 smart concept car by Qoros Auto. The car is equipped with 5G network connectivity, face-recognition and AI software, among other technologies.

Tech products related to health care will also take center stage, including Xiaoxintong, a mobile app that monitors the health of the elderly and informs their family members of unusual data. 

A 24-hour “smart” medical vending machine will be displayed too, as will an “intelligence” wheelchair designed by a Swedish company.

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