Timely treatment for Nigerian passenger at Pudong airport

Yang Jian
A Nigerian passenger suffering acute pancreatitis received timely treatment after Shanghai Airport Authority dissuaded him from taking a flight and sent him to hospital.
Yang Jian

A passenger suffering acute pancreatitis was prevented from flying on Saturday by Shanghai Airport Authority and sent him to a nearby hospital .

The 25-year-old student arrived at Hongqiao airport from Changsha in central China to take a flight to Doha on Saturday.

Vomiting, and with a high temperature he was met by an ambulance on the tarmac at Hongqiao, but refused to go to hospital and proceeded to Pudong airport to catch his connecting flight. 

Ni Jinjie, the doctor on duty at the a clinic terminal at the airport asked him to go hospital immediately, but the passenger still insisted taking the following flight. The doctor then informed the airport's managers, the police and Qatar Airways and the passenger was taken to Pudong People's Hospital, where he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis which has a death rate of over 50 percent. 

The passenger's condition has since improved.

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