Deputies propose animal protection reforms

Chen Huizhi
Some legislators in Shanghai call for the introduction of an animal cruelty law and the ban of all commercial animal shows.
Chen Huizhi

Twenty deputies filed a proposal during this year’s session of Shanghai People’s Congress on legislation against animal cruelty.

The deputies called for the definition of cats and dogs as companion animals and asked to make any cruelty towards such animals and working dogs illegal and to ban the killing of cats and dogs for sales of their meat.

Meanwhile, 25 deputies called for a further restrictions of performances involving wild animals through a revision of the implementation of the national wildlife protection law.

The deputies called for an across-the-board  ban of all commercial performances by wild animals and a clear definition of which are acceptable public performances and not harmful to animals.

They also encouraged the use of technologies such as holographic display to educate people and eliminate the necessity to force living animals to perform for the public.

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