Political adviser suggests further promotion of smart aviation services

Zhu Yuting
Li Yangmin, a political adviser and manager of China Eastern Airlines, proposes greater promotion of smart aviation and dispatching systems as air transport set to double by 2035.
Zhu Yuting

China needs to further promote smart aviation services and dispatching systems as its air transport scale is expected to double by 2035, national political adviser Li Yangmin, general manager of Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines, proposed during the ongoing Two Sessions.

He analyzed that along with rapid growth, there will be more pressure on infrastructure needs and environmental restrictions.

To ease the problem, he suggested that the civil aviation industry should focus on smart and green ways to achieve high-quality development.

He called on building a smarter travel service system, providing a new supply of full-process, personalized and high-quality passenger services and comprehensive logistics services.

A digital and smart air logistic system with intelligent security check services, electronic waybill, port joint inspection as well as visualized processes, should also be established, said Li.

He also called for improving the information-sharing measures within the whole transportation system, which will benefit passengers in multiple travel services, such as one-stop ticket purchase, fast transfer and luggage carrying services.

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