Shanghai Party Secretary meets with global business leaders

Xu Fang
Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Jining, met with three global business leaders respectively, on Wednesday afternoon.
Xu Fang
Shanghai Party Secretary meets with global business leaders

Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Jining, met with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestle, and Rainer Blair, global president and CEO of Danaher Corporation respectively, on Wednesday afternoon.

Chen introduced the economic and social development in Shanghai.

He said that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has outlined a grand blueprint for building a socialist modernization country in an all-round way. The Chinese-style modernization is a modernization of a massive population, a modernization of common prosperity for all people, a modernization of the coordination between material civilization and spiritual civilization, a modernization of the harmonious coexistence between human and nature, and a modernization of pursuing the path of peaceful development, adhering to openness and sharing, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. It not only enhances the welfare of the Chinese people but also brings development opportunities for global enterprises.

As the center of the Chinese economy, Shanghai is deepening high-level reform and opening-up, vigorously promoting high-quality development, accelerating the construction of an international center for the economy, finance, trade, shipping, and scientific innovation.

Apple, Nestle, and Danaher are leading enterprises in the global industry field and have a long-term business cooperation and investment layout in Shanghai. They are welcome to better seize opportunities for modernization construction, expand the strategic opportunities of domestic demand, and urban green low-carbon transformation, relying on open platforms such as the Free Trade Zone and the Import Expo, and continuously increase investment and layout in Shanghai, Chen said.

Shanghai Party Secretary meets with global business leaders

Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Jining shakes hands with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

He hoped that Apple will closely integrate its technological and innovation advantages with Shanghai's market scale advantages and consumer upgrade needs, put more innovative products, emerging businesses, and R&D platforms in Shanghai, and play a greater role in maintaining stable industrial chain and supply chain.

Shanghai Party Secretary meets with global business leaders

Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Jining talks with Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestle

The city welcomes Nestle to continuously expand its business in Shanghai while enhancing the overall level of headquarters, strengthening the production and supply of high-quality products, promoting advanced experiences and exchanges of industry governance, participating in the construction of Shanghai as an international consumer center city, and better leading and promoting green production, green consumption and sustainable development.

Shanghai Party Secretary meets with global business leaders

Shanghai Party Secretary Chen Jining shakes hands with Rainer Blair, global president and CEO of Danaher Corporation

Shanghai also looks forward to deepening ecological and environmental technology and biopharmaceutical cooperation with Danaher Corporation, promoting the upgrading of industrial levels and research and development capabilities, and making greater contributions in Shanghai and for the world in the health sector. We will vigorously create a first-class market-oriented, rule-of-law, and international business environment, allowing Chinese and foreign firms to have better stable expectations and stronger confidence in Shanghai to achieve better and greater development.

Cook, Schneider, and Blair respectively introduced the development situations and future development visions of their enterprises in China, their investment plans in Shanghai, etc.

Cook stated that Shanghai is a globally renowned city and is full of innovative vitality and infinite possibilities. The China and Shanghai markets are vital to Apple, and they will further increase investment, optimize deployment, and work with Chinese partners to continue driving green, low-carbon transformation, stable industrial chain and supply chain, and manufacturing R&D and commercial retail, etc., and bring more new products and new business to China, achieving better and mutual development.

Schneider stated that after returning to Shanghai after three years, he fully felt the new progress the city had made in green, low-carbon conversion and sustainable development. Shanghai is of great importance to the strategic layout of the group's global business. The group will continue to increase investment, expand its business, and play a greater role in promoting sustainable development and high-quality development in agriculture and food industries, better supporting the construction of Shanghai international consumer center city.

Blair stated that due to Shanghai's good business environment, the group has developed fruitful results in China and in Shanghai. Its investment layout in the Chinese and Shanghai markets is long-term and stable. Danaher will insist on relying on Shanghai and deepening development in China to serve the world, continuously increasing investment in the fields of environmental protection and biopharmaceuticals, improving research and release systems, and fulfilling the corporate mission of serving human health with scientific and technological services.

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