Yangtze River Delta zone launches shopping festival to boost consumption

Hu Min
Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone is preparing a number of spring-summer events, including its "Double Five Shopping Festival" on Saturday.
Hu Min

Various activities from an auto festival to rural camping, and musical performances will be staged through the end of June in Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone. The schedule promises shopping, sports, culture and tourism for residents and tourists.

The zone's "Double Five Shopping Festival" is scheduled to kick off in Qingpu District on Saturday as announced on Tuesday.

The zone, covering 2,413 square kilometers, includes Shanghai's suburban Qingpu District, Wujiang District in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and Jiashan County in Zhejiang Province.

Cosmetics and clothing promotional activities will be held to boost fashion consumption.

The second Xianghuaqiao auto consumption festival will be staged as part of the event as Xianghuaqiao Subdistrict in Qingpu gathers a number of auto dealers with automotive its pillar industry.

A green goods bazaar will be held in the core area of the demonstration zone, and an imported commodities market blending elements of intangible cultural heritage, time-honored brands, and cultural and creative industries will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

The 11th Qingpu Loquat Culture Tourism Festival is also part of the festival, featuring the display and sales of agricultural produce from the delta region, as well as intangible cultural heritage displays, a cooking competition, hanfu (traditional Han-style clothes) shows, and tuanshan, also known as the moon-shaped fans, embroidery experience.

A rural camping festival will be hosted in Zhujiajiao Ancient Town in Qingpu, and the 2023 Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival will wow music fans with rock, pop, folk and electronic music at the Shanghai Oriental Green Land between April 30 and May 2.

The festival was halted for two years due to COVID-19.

Between May 15 and 21, a rural tourism and coffee festival will invite people to enjoy the aroma of coffee amid an idyllic environment in Qingpu.

A walking event with 2,000 participants will be held in Qingpu as well.

Wujiang will host a series of folk cultural experiences and exhibition activities, and night tours to boost night consumption.

Its Tongli Water Town will host an international tourism and cultural festival.

Camping sites in Jiashan will offer deep promotion and the county will also distribute various tourism, accommodation and catering coupons to lure tourists.

In total, tourism coupons worth 4 million yuan (US$578,285) will be delivered, the county said on Tuesday.

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