Invest Shanghai holds top-tier event in New York

Ke Jiayun
Invest Shanghai will be holding events in New York next week as a part of its global tour. The platform hopes to attract investment from US entrepreneurs and enterprises.
Ke Jiayun
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Invest Shanghai holds top-tier event in New York

Local trade and investment development agency Invest Shanghai will hold events at the New York stop of its global tour next week, promoting Shanghai and attract investment from US entrepreneurs and enterprises.

The Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board, or "Invest Shanghai" for short, was founded in 1999 by the city government and is under the administration of the local commission of commerce, serving the two-way investment promotion work of "bringing-in" and "going global".

It has established overseas offices in Los Angeles, Osaka, London, Frankfurt, Gothenburg and other cities.

By setting up the "Shanghai Investment Promotion Partnership" (SIPP) and operating the "Shanghai Foreign Investment Promotion Service Platform", it has created a global network to publicize and promote all aspects of the business environment in Shanghai.

The opening ceremony, held at the Rockefeller Center on October 18, will have the city government's senior officials and representatives from the Chinese Consulate General in New York in attendance.

Invest Shanghai will work with the Pudong New Area and Huangpu District to jointly present and share significant investment opportunities in Shanghai with the world.

Real estate developer Tishman Speyer, Bank of China and Creative Twin Cities, an international cooperation and exchange platform on fashion and design, are supporting the event's organization.

Last year, Shanghai achieved a regional GDP of 4,465.28 billion yuan, ranking first among national cities and sixth among global cities.

With less than one-thousandth of the country's land area, Shanghai contributes 3.7% of the national GDP and almost one-tenth of the national tax revenue.

At the same time, the annual GDP per capita exceeded $27,000, entering a new phase of a high-income economy.

The Pudong New Area stands as a symbol of China's reform and opening up, and the city's modernization.

It continuously reinforces its function as a hub for technological innovation, fostering three world-class industry clusters in integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence.

Pudong takes the lead in the development of advanced manufacturing clusters, driven by the 'Six Pillar Industries' including integrated circuits, bio-pharmaceuticals, aviation, automobiles, intelligent manufacturing and information technology.

Invest Shanghai holds top-tier event in New York

Located in the heart of Shanghai, Huangpu District is the epicenter of the city's economic, administrative, and cultural activities.

Over the years, Huangpu has diligently developed modern industries, particularly in finance and professional services and now focuses on "Future Industries" such as platform economy, digital technology, fintech, new energy, and flow industry.

They welcome companies worldwide to register for attendance and engage in profound face-to-face discussions on site.

Companies or individuals can enail their information including name, company, position and contact to so that the team can get in touch with them.

Invest Shanghai holds top-tier event in New York
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